Why are young girls so catty?

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Some women of all ages can be catty! Females always have to put up with this off and on through their lives and as we get a little older it's no big deal because we realize the person is very insecure, jealous and should have more control over their emotions. It takes less work to say something nice about someone than trying to come up with lies or gossip about another woman. The old saying, 'If you haven't got something nice to say about someone then don't say anything at all' applied here. Ignore catty women of all ages! They are useless and troublemakers. Waste of time!
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Why are girls so catty?

Answer . well usually girls are only catty when they are on their period...but if they are catty otheriwe they are just plain annoying and just ignore them. once they realize nobody likes them they will start to change!

Why did he get cancer so young?

Answer . cancer can happen to any person at any point of time in his life. basically when the cell division becomes uncontrollable in the body, cells get accumulating forming a mass of cells which we call cancer

Is it catty or kitty corner?

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What if you are a young girl who is interested in girls?

There is nothing to be ashamed of in likeing girls. Don't listen to anybody who wantts to talk to you privately here. There's nothing wrong with it...but if I was you I'd wait until I was older because I know a lot of girls who regret it by the time they're 20 and realize they DO LIKE BOYS.

Why did Ruth die so young?

In regard to Babe Ruth, he died because he had cancer. In Novemberof 1946, hospital tests showed he had an inoperable, malignanttumor located at the base of his neck and skull. He received thebest treatment money could buy, but died in 1948 at the age of 53.

Why did Mozart die so young?

There are various beliefs, the most abundant belief is because he was sick with severe "miliary fever", referring to a rash that looks like millet seeds. From my personal point of view, it was because of his lifestyle, as well as any tillness that he had. It all seemed to contribute to his death. He (MORE)

Why did knights train so young?

So they would be more prepared for when it was their time to actually become a knight. They would have to start off as a page for seven years, then seven years as a squire before becoming a knight. Just think, if you were a king/queen, would you rather have a knight trained 14 years to protect your (MORE)

Why do young girls like monsters so much lately?

From a psychological standpoint, it could be all of the recent influence in merchandising and movies. Said media portrays monsters as cute, whereas twenty years ago it wasn't so. It seems a natural stereotype that girls like cute things, so making monsters cute makes the two go together.

Why do young girls get pregnant at a young age?

Girls get pregnant at a young age because they have sex without considering what might happen or think "I won't get pregnant." They are no longer taught to wait until they are older (or even married). They seem to believe that having sex at a young age is okay or even something they are supposed to (MORE)

Why can Supervisors on WikiAnswers be so young?

A Supervisor is a regular/knowledgeable contributor of a particular category. Age does not matter to become a supervisor. Anybody who is knowledgeable in a topic and is mature and sensible enough to take care/supervise a category can become one. The role of a supervisor is not something that can (MORE)

Why do young girls have babys so young?

Young girls have babys young for multiple reasons. Most of the time girls become pregnant by unprotected sex, when they weren't meaning to become pregnant at all. Yet sometimes, young girls intend on having children. From what I learned, young girls have emotional issuses, like feeling alone and(o (MORE)

Why do people die so young?

It is an inescapable fact that every living thing dies eventually. We seldom even have control over when and how we die. Accidents, disease, and war are largely beyond the ability of the individual to control. Unfortunately, this means that some portion of people end up dying at a young age. Some (MORE)

If you are ten are a young girl or a little girl?

well when i was ten i pictured myself as a "big girl" or a young lady ... but if you put it into prospective you can live till your about 95 .. so picture a number line and 10 being the first number and 95 being the last ... if you look at it that way your still a little girl and at the age of 10 yo (MORE)

What do young guys see in young girls?

well the first thing is that boys usually think about the person, i know u never know its weird but it happens 10 billion times during the day at school then boys think in their minds their cute but he thinks that the girl is going to have no gut to tell the truth to the boy. so girls tell the truth (MORE)

Why baptism babys so young?

Baptising babies at a young age is important to the religion, and it's to do with religious beliefs. Not all people are baptised as babies, but the majority of people are. It's not necessary to be baptised at a young age, but is preferred in the religion. Many families believe that baptism will help (MORE)

Why did Pocahontas die so young?

Apparently she died of natural causes, according to many websites and other sources. She became sick after she boarded a ship to return to Virginia and died shortly after being brought ashore. Some sources say she died from possibly pneumonia, tuberculosis, small pox, or even from being poisoned.

What does prince do to look so young?

Well, I guess he does the following: 1. Eating any meat because I think you could get cancer from eating too much meat and fats (he's a vegeterian). Just eating vegetables and patti labelle said one time he ate only bread when she was hanging out with him. 2. Exercise could make anyone look like the (MORE)

What are the main characters in the book Girls Acting Catty?

The main characters are Annabelle Stevens, the protagonist of the story, Rachel, Annabelle's best friend, Taylor Stanfield, the antagonist of the story, Pepper Stevens, Annabelle's pet dog, Jeanie Stevens, Annabelle's mother, Jason's step-mother-to-be and Ted's fiance, and Jason Weeble, Annabelle's (MORE)

What is the novel 'Girls Acting Catty' about?

The novel Girls Acting Catty is the second book in the Annabelle Stevens series. It is about Annabelle finally manging to handle the boys at her school, but she has a whole new pain: the four most popular girls in school, Taylor, Jesse, Nikki, and Hannah, or better known by Annabelle's friends, Te (MORE)

What is novel 'Girls Acting Catty' about?

Annabelle Stevens is confused. She doesn't know who to hang out with. Should she hang out with Claire, Emma, Rachel, and Yumi or Taylor, Hannah, Jesse, and Nikki. She's got other problems to worry about, like her mom getting married to her almost step dad, Ted Weeble. She also finds out that her dog (MORE)

How Sasori Look So Young?

Because he is really a puppet. He's basically a puppet and a man mixed together. And before you ask how, his heart is the only thing keeping him alive.

Why do egyptians die so young?

They had salt poisioning from when they would transport largeportions of meat buried in salt to preserve it . They also had aalot of family incest.

Why do gypsies get married so young?

First, "Gypsies" prefer to be called Roma. But this is an interesting question, and one in which Roma are similar to a number of other marginalized groups in society. Certain ethnic or cultural groups that have suffered extreme amounts of discrimination (as the Roma have in numerous European countri (MORE)

Why am i losing hair so young?

It is more common than you think. Male pattern boldness can start as earily as age 15. It will take years to really be noticable. It's not the end of you. If its happening be proud of who u are. Most women love guys that look mature. If it becomes a huge issue hair transplants have can a long ways.

Why are young boys so stupid?

because they only think with one thing...most older men have the same problem...there are just a few who are different...

Why do hamsters die so young?

It's not that they die young, their life cycle is just quicker than ours, they can breed when they are 4 weeks old for example.

Why did Tudors die so young?

many reasons, but the main one being: poor hygiene, remember at this time toilet paper was not invented therefore people walked around with poo still in their bottoms

Why the girls are so?

SOME GIRLS ARE JUST PLAIN WEIRD and want to be black my advice is to visit www.my..com its a helpful website. :D

Why am i so tall at a young age?

because you eat some vegetables and fruits You had a tall anceestor, and inherited their height. My son-in-lawis 6'8", one of his sons is over 6 feet tall at age 13.


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