Why did President Truman refuse Hos requests for help against the French?

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President Truman refused Ho Chi Minh's request for help against the French because Truman viewed France as a vital ally in the struggle against the spread of communism in postwar Europe. He also was unwilling to back the Vietminh because of Ho's Communist Party connections.
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Why did President Truman support the French agaisnt the Vietnamese after 1950?

This time frame was the start of the Cold War and the birth of the Dominoe Theory. Truman provided financial support in the amount of about 45 million dollars. Genuine support of the Vietnam war began in the Eisenhower administration when arms, advisers and Air America was given to the French and to (MORE)

Why was President Truman against declaring war on China during the Korean War?

Truman did not want to give cause for World War 3 with China. He was afraid that the soviet union might come to China's aid. The situation could have escalated into a planet- wrecking Nuclear conflict. MacArthur favored expanding the war to China, and may have made remarks about bombing (either (MORE)

Hos the president?

The current President of the United States is Barack Obama. He wasSenator from Illinois until elected President in 2008, becoming thefirst African-American President for America.

Did Harry Truman refuse the Medal of Honor?

No. Harry Truman was an artillery officer in the 35th infantry division during WW1. His unit fired some of the last shots of the war and was highly decorated, but he was never nominated for the Medal of Honor.

Why did Americans help the french against the viet minh?

originally the Americans were on the side of the Viet Minh. during world war two the Americans supplied the viet minh with aid and money to support their war effort against the french and the Japanese, because they wanted the Japanese defeated and did not like the idea of the old colonial powers hav (MORE)

Why was president Truman such a good president?

While it is quite safe to say - " we don't exactly know" - , it is important to remember that Truman came into play at a time when he alone was the only Candidate fit to make the important decisions at the time. President Harry Truman, quite honestly, was hated following his first year in office and (MORE)

President Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Having found the [atomic] bomb we have used it. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare. We (MORE)

Why does Thorin refuse Bard his request for treasure?

Thorin is a dwarf, and they love treasure. They finally get their mountain and then here comes humans tramping along, wanting a share in it. To Thorin and company, they just certainly could not have sticky human fingers all over their precious treasure. What can you say, they're dwarves!

Was president Truman a Boy Scout?

President Truman was not a Boy Scout as a boy. He did serve as the Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America from 1945-1953 and was a very strong supporter of the Boy Scouts of America

Was harry Truman vice president?

Harry Truman was Vice President for about three months, from January 20, 1945 until President F. D. Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945.

Why did Truman take the presidency?

This is the at-a-glance answer: During President Franklin D. Roosevelt's third term, his vice president was Harry Truman. When President Roosevelt passed away, the vice president succeeded him.

What two events convinced President Truman to help France in Vietnam?

Im not sure if I know two reasons for the U.S aid of France in Vietnam, but here's one for you: During WWII, when Japan invaded Vietnam, the American troops helped the Viet Minh fight them off, simply because they were already at war with the Japanese. After the war ended, Vietnam decided to declare (MORE)

Why did Truman reject macarthurs request?

If you are talking about McArthur's request to resign, it isbecause President Truman had said to his Staff: "I want him fired.I don't want the bastard to resign on me". Truman (and many of hisadvisers) had come to the conclusion that McArthur was guilty ofrefusing to follow orders and Truman decided (MORE)

Why did America help Mexico against the French?

To prevent a puppet state on its southern border, which would eventually result in a larger conflict between both France and the United States. President Lincoln provided financial and diplomatic support to Mexico, however besides a surge of American troops at the Mexican-American border, no America (MORE)