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There are a great many reasons why Spain does what it does. This country desperately wants control over certain resources.

Why did Spain explore Portugal?

Answer . Well, um, they didn't. Spain is a country right next to Portugal. Here's a handy map: http://worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europeiberian.gif As you can see, Sp

Why did Spain sell Florida?

Answer . It was having a difficult time controling the area which was filling up with escaped slaves, criminals, American settlers and rampaging Indians. As a part of the

Why did Spain colonize America?

The three "G's" Gold, Glory, and God. Colonizing America spread the Christian faith and increased the prestige of Spain. And there was the lure of gold too, which was a powerf

Why did Spain explore America?

New terrritories and the lure of fantastic tales of the city of Cibola (the streets of which were said to be paved in gold) as well as the tales of the fabled land of Califa,

Why did Spain fund Columbus?

The king and queen of Spain had recently won an important war withthe Moors. They felt it was time to explore new avenues of tradewith the rest of the world. When Columbus cam

Why did Spain colonize Mexico?

Spain colonized most of it's colonies for three reasons, First it had the power to do so, Second it wanted the mineral wealth of the colony, and Third and last, it felt obliga

Why did Spain form viceroyalties?

For ease of administration. It would have been grossly unwieldy for a 17th-century government to try to administer nearly all of Central and South America from one place.

Why did Spain imperialize?

For the same reasons other European kingdoms did...to increase revenue, land holdings, prestige. Also, for Spain, "converting" more people (even at the point of a sword or gun
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Why did Spain attack Germany?

Spain has never attacked Germany. Germany was established as a political entity in the second half of the 19th century. By then Spain's power and empire had been much reduced