Why do Amish men wear suspenders and not belts?

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First off the Amish aren't the only ones that wear suspenders. Many businessmen, especially ones of the larger variety, much prefer suspenders or "braces" to wearing a belt. Notably for two reasons one: belts don't hold your pants up and are mostly for decoration whereas braces once they are set at the desired length will keep your pants right where you want them, and two: due to the aforementioned reason when wearing slacks with braces you can leave a little extra room around the waist which will make your pants much more comfortable. Just be sure that you don't wear both braces and belts at the same time, unless you want everyone to think you're from Texas.
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Does one wear suspenders and belts together?

No, one or the other since they do the same thing, generally youuse suspenders if your pantss do not have belt loops. However, someone could wear both as a personal preferenc

Why do Amish men have beards?

Even they don't know.. Only married Amish men have beards, but no moustaches. Beards are considered a symbol of age and wisdom.

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What do the Amish men wear?

Mennonite-like-hats, suspenders over their long-sleeve shirts that are tucked in their black pants.

What belt do the Jewish men wear?

There is no special belt for Jewish men. But some Jewish men wear "tseetsteet katan", which is an undershirt that has fringes at the bottom.
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Are there gay Amish men?

Yes, but in Amish communities, gay men are closeted by necessity.
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Do Amish men have to wear hats?

No. If there is a good reason to take one's hat off, it's no big deal, but you wouldn't work in the fields or barns, or work construction jobs with a naked head.