Why do Jews use a bimah to read the Torah?

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The bimah is just a specially-designated type of table or stand. Technically, any table could be used as a bimah.
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Why do Jews read the Torah?

Jews read the Torah because people who were inspired by God wroteit so that is how they know how God wants them to live their lives. . Answer 2 Reading (studying; learning)

What do Jews read the Torah with?

The pointer used is called a "Yad" - which is Hebrew for "hand". a yad (a small hand made of silver) to point to where they're reading.

Why did the Jews read a Torah holy book?

The Torah was given by G-d to the Jews at Mt Sinai. Millions of Jews all heard the voice of G-d. This national revelation is the 'official' start of Judaism. No other religion

Why do Jews use a yad to read the Torah?

because it is said 2 b sacred writing and they don't want to touch it because they bealieve for it to be special so they use a yad to read instead of their dirty fingers. beca

Why do Jews read the Torah using a 'yad'?

The Yad - or pointer - helps whoever's reading the Torah to keep their place without getting lost. Jews are NOT permitted to touch the parchment with their hands.

What age do Jews read the Torah?

For boys they have to be 13 to read the Torah but for girls they have to be 12 to read it publicly. However, children start studying Torah by first grade so around 6 years old

Why is the Torah read from the Bimah?

The "Bima" is a big stage in the middle of the synagogue on which the Tora reading is preformed. In older times the Bima was not held only for this but also was the place wher

How do the Jews read the Torah?

While some Jews read Torah at home, a surprising amount do not. However, there is a tradition which is kept by most Jews, it is called a Torah portion. The Torah portion is re

How often do Jews read from the Torah?

In an ordinary week with no special observances or occasions, fourtimes . . . Sabbath morning and afternoon, plus Monday and Thursday morning. In addition, services on most al
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Why do Jews use a pointing stick to read the Torah?

The pointer used when reading the Torah is called a 'yad' which means hand. The yad is used to keep the reader's place while he or she is chanting the Torah. This is used inst
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Do Jews use only the Torah or do they read the other books of the Old Testament?

The Torah is primary; and its entire text is read over the course of each year in the synagogue. The rest of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is secondary; only some portions are rea
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Is the bimah the same as a Torah stand?

In my experience (in Orthodox synagogues) it is; but other kinds of synagogues might do things differently. In Ashkenazi Orthodox synagogues, the chazzan stands at the bimah
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Why do Jews read the Torah with a yad?

It's used as both a "pointer" to follow the text, and to ensurethat the reader doesn't touch the parchment. Not touching theparchment is one of the ways we show reverence for