Why do atheists not believe in miracles?

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Atheists do not believe in miracles because miracles simply do not happen. In the early years of the Christian Church, the pagans and Christians tried to outdo each other in the power of their miracles, with the pagans accepting the reality of the Christian miracles and the Christians accepting the reality of the pagan miracles. After Christianity came to dominate the Roman Empire, the Christian attitude changed and Christians no longer believed in pagan miracles in spite of their former acceptance.

Christians still claim that miracles occur, but only those performed by or through Christians. But no verifiable miracle has ever been tested. Why should atheists believe in miracles?
Because atheists don't believe in the Bible, they don't believe in God, they don't believe in creation by ID, anything abut Christianity they will most likely disagree with... including miracles.

Answer the question "why doesn't anyone believe in Dragon ball Z?" and replace Dragon ball Z with miracles.

Simply stated no atheist has ever witnessed a bona fide miracle. Any supposed miracle has a natural explanation, even if that explanation is not immediately known. According to quantum physicists, there is no law in nature that says a statue cannot move it's arm in seemingly miraculous fashion if all the atoms in the statue's arm happen to all move in the same direction, though this is highly unlikely to occur. My television turns on and off by itself at times in the middle of the night. I don't know why this is so, but just because I don't know the natural explanation as to why doesn't mean I must call it a miracle.
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Are you an atheist if you believe in evolution but do not believe in God?

You are an atheist simply if you do not believe in any god(s). Most people who do not "believe" in evolution have that opinionbecause they have been misinformed or mislead about what evolutionactually is and what that scientific theory states. Evolution is afact, and is used by the Theory of Natura (MORE)

How do you get an atheist to believe in God?

Quite literally, you do not. Faith is the work of God and Godalone. Beyond making someone aware of God's word, you have noresponsibility. God withholds the gift of faith from whom he will,and no one has the gift unless it is given by God. So attempting toforce or cajole someone into believing is not (MORE)

Are believers happier than atheists?

Answer: I can't answer for all people, but I am abeliever and I am so happy I can't explain it. It is more like ajoy or a deep peace. The road isn't always easy but it is veryrewarding. Answer: A believer wouldnot have little reason to be happy but many reasonsto be happy with what they have, (MORE)

What do atheists believe in?

Answer 1 I'm a atheist so I will tell you We basically do not believe in god... We are not satanist...many people believe that is what it means Answer 2 Atheists have no formalized set of positions except that they haveno belief in the existence of god(s). Even this is applied byexternal parties (MORE)

Do you believe in miracles?

There are more than one person answering questions, so some will, some won't.. Answer Certainly. The Universe, the first human, birth of Jesus, etc were some of the solid proofs for my belief.. Answer . Yes, very much so. Some people do not believe in miracles happening today - they think that (MORE)

Some atheists believe that they have a soul?

no. the point of athiesm is that there is no god let a lone a soul. If you mean by soul , something that lives after our bodies die , then I would agree 100% with the answer above. However to say that atheists are 'soul-less ' in the sense of character would be wrong. In fact most of the people I k (MORE)

What do atheist believe?

Atheists have no formalized set of positions except that they have no belief in the existence of god(s). Even this is applied by external parties. To ask what their beliefs are is similar to asking "What are the rules of not playing baseball" Subdividing atheists into strong, weak or other is gen (MORE)

What do atheists believe happens to you when you die?

As atheism does not have a set of beliefs aside from the knowledge that there is no god or gods, they can pretty much believe whatever they want about the period folloing death. Some opinions: . Atheists believe that when you die, your conscious and unconscious mind simply cease to exist. There a (MORE)

Who believes in miracles and why?

A: Miracles are supposed violations of the laws of nature, usuallyassumed to result from divine intervention. The people who believein miracles are people who follow any of the religions that arebased, at least in part, on the performance of miracles. This ismost prevalent in Christianity, then Jud (MORE)

Could you be atheist but believe in Satan?

No. Satan is a religious invention. Atheists do not "believe in" gods, devils, fairies, goblins, gremlins, ghosts or any other products of the human imagination. Embracing a lack of belief in gods is a very brave and conscious choice on the part of a person who has been raised in our predominantly (MORE)

Do you have to believe in God to be an atheist?

Answer: . Atheist means "without god". An atheist does not believe in the existence of any deity or god(s). He is not in conflict with the belief in a god(s), conflicted about the existence of a god(s), in denial of the existence of a gos(s). It's simple - to an atheist there is no god(s). . If y (MORE)

Why dont atheist believe in god?

They do not believe some sort of higher being/God to be responsible for their and essentially, the earths, existence. Answer: Atheists generally have made a decision that all of the presented proofs for a deity are faulty and have concluded that no evidence supports the existence of god(s). Like (MORE)

Do Atheists believe in 2012?

Atheists and everyone else in the world believes in December 12, 2012. This is what they believe: . It will occur after midnight December 11, 2012 . It will last until midnight December 12, 2012 at which point it will become December 13, 2012 . The difference between these three dates will be th (MORE)

Do only atheists believe in evolution?

No, evolution is not only accepted by atheists. Scientific theoriesare not forms of "belief". And I do know a few Christians whobelieve in evolution. It is no longer a religious issue, but moreof an individual evaluation of facts. Few, if any, believing Jews, Christians, or Muslims believe inevolu (MORE)

Do atheists believe there is no god?

They believe there are no god s . In addition most believe there is no soul, afterlife, effect of prayer, damnation, eternal reward or other trappings of religion. This however is dependent on the individual as there is no set of instructions or criteria for being an atheist.

What do atheists believe about interracial dating?

There is no atheist doctrine about inter-racial dating, and everyone can hold different views. Atheists do tend to be relatively tolerant and I believe that most would be supportive of inter-racial relationships.

Do atheists believe in hell?

Answer: Atheist generally don't believe in many things, but the only "for certain" common denominator is the lack of belief in a god or gods. The overall list would include: No god, no Jesus, no heaven, no hell, no "salvation", no soul, no life after death, no magic

Which God does an atheist believe in?

Atheists do not believe in any god. Some atheists believe that there is no evidence that any god exists and that therefore there is no reason to believe in a god. Others believe positively that there is no god. Some Christians try to trick atheists by asking them to describe the god they do not b (MORE)

Do you have to believe in miracles to believe in God?

No, you do not have to believe in miracles to believe in God. Some of America's Founding Fathers were deists. Deists believe that the creator God, having created the world, takes no further interest in his creation and performs no miracles. Of course, the fact that miracles do not really happen is m (MORE)

Why do atheists not believe in God?

Atheists are not the only people who do not believe in the Christian God. They share this disbelief with many other, including Buddhists, Hindus and others. Atheists differ in that they neither believe in the Christian God nor any other god. Whereas agnostics believe we can not know whether God o (MORE)

Why do atheists believe in what they believe?

Atheism is not a belief. It is a lack of belief in a god or gods. Most atheists arrive at the conclusion that there is no god because they have examined all the arguments and found that there is no convincing evidence for God's existence.

Do Christian atheists believe in Jesus?

Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins on the cross at calvary, and rose again on the third day. Atheists do not believe in Jesus, god or the bible. Answer Christian atheists is a contradiction in terms.

Why don't atheists believe in God?

A(not)+theism(belief in god)=atheism. If an atheist believed in god they would no longer be an atheist by definition. There are a plethora of reasons why one may disbelieve in a god. One could see no evidence of the existence of a deity and come to this conclusion, or they could see evidence agains (MORE)

Do atheists believe in the god gene?

Some atheists do. However, the hypothesis that religious belief is facilitated by genetics is not universally agreed upon by atheists. This is not a central concept of atheism.

What gods do atheists believe in?

Answer: By definition, an atheist believes in no god (a-theist=no-god). This would include ancient deities (Thor, Anubis or the Snake Dress Woman) as well as modern and contemporary deities (Allah, Jesus, the Great Spaghetti Monster)

Is a non-believer also an atheist?

Not strictly, no. Many would call atheists the ultimate nonbeliever (in a Creator, that is), but the term is usually for anyone who doesn't believe in the same spiritual manner and Creator as you.

Can an atheist believe in miracles?

It is extremely unlikely that an Atheist would believe in miracles. Most Atheists are rational thinkers and believing in miracles is not rational. Most of them don't believe in miracles. Since there is no god that makes the miracle happen there is nothing to believe in. There are two possibilities (MORE)

Do atheists believe in luck?

Do Bigfoot deniers believe in luck? Can you see how the question is wrong? you're asking the wrong question. For atheism and the idea of luck are two completely things. . Luck per se is not something supernatural. It is just an unconventional way of saying chance , and chance plays a role in all a (MORE)

What do atheists believe happens after death?

While there is no unified atheist position on this (there being no other defining trait of atheism than that there is no deity) most feel that after death there is nothing. The Universe existed for some 14 or 15 billion years without you and will continue to exist without you after you have been her (MORE)

Do atheists believe in the nature of man?

I think a atheist only believe the nature of man. Answer: Atheists do not see the need for the existence of a deity to reach man's present state, Even though there is no general manifesto of how an atheist positions himself in the context of human society, in general they believe that man is th (MORE)

What do people who are atheist believe or not believe in?

Atheists believe that this is the life that we are given, and when we die we're dead. Therefore, we need to make the most out of the life we have. We believe that morals don't need to be thrust upon us through threat of eternal punishment or reward; that we are capable of knowing right from wrong, (MORE)

Why do atheists believe there is no god?

First of all, it's not a question of what an atheist BELIEVES. Rather, it is just the opposite: an atheist does not believe in god or gods. The main reason is simply that there is no proof that supernatural beings, such as gods, actually exist. Taking a look at history--and the reason that peo (MORE)

Do atheist believe in marriage?

Atheism isn't a belief system. Atheism is the absence of belief in gods, so there is no particular "atheist" belief or disbelief in marriage.

Do atheist believe in eschatology?

Atheists, along with many religious people, do not believe that the end of the world will occur as recorded in ancient texts including the Bible. Eschatology is the department of theological science concerned with 'the four last things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell. This does not necessitate t (MORE)

Can you be an atheist and not believe in evolution?

Yes (although I'm not sure why you wouldn't), because the definition of atheism is not believing in God, it doesn't refer to evolution at all. Nothing would stop an atheist from believing that Earth was populated by aliens from space, only existed as a program in a massive computer or was the figm (MORE)

Can believers and atheists have reasonable discussions?

Various flow charts for reasonable arguments have been proposed which would allow the religious and atheists to have meaningful discussions (see example at Link). Whether the debaters would abide by the rules is unknown. The stumbling point always seems to be that the first consideration is whether (MORE)

Does atheist believe in god?

No. Atheism is the denying or rejecting the presence of any god or church Answer: Atheists fell that there is no evidence that there is any god or supernatural realm and have abandoned that belief system. This is not the same as actively denying the existence of a god anymore than an adult deni (MORE)

Do atheists believe in religious expirences?

No. The position of an Atheist is a rejection of all god claims dueto lack of sufficient proof, this includes all religiousexperiences of which no testable, measurable evidence exists

What do atheist believe in as their own beliefs?

An atheist does not believe in the existence of God or gods. So basically they believe that there is no life after death, thereis no purpose in life, you live die and are buried that is allthere is.

Do atheist believe in evil?

Atheism isn't a belief system, so there's no reason why atheistswould share the same beliefs. So, doubtless, some atheists believein evil and some don't.

What do atheists believe about women rights?

Atheists' political beliefs cover an extremely wide spectrum. Manyatheists are conservative and don't think that womens' rights arean important issue, or who are misogynists, especially the mostcommon form of atheist seen on the internet. However, there areplenty of atheists who are outspoken femini (MORE)

Do atheists believe in demons?

If an atheist believe that all aspects of religion is man-made(this includes all religions world wide!) then why would theybelieve in demons?