Why do atheists not believe in miracles?

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Atheists do not believe in miracles because miracles simply do not happen. In the early years of the Christian Church, the pagans and Christians tried to outdo each other in the power of their miracles, with the pagans accepting the reality of the Christian miracles and the Christians accepting the reality of the pagan miracles. After Christianity came to dominate the Roman Empire, the Christian attitude changed and Christians no longer believed in pagan miracles in spite of their former acceptance.

Christians still claim that miracles occur, but only those performed by or through Christians. But no verifiable miracle has ever been tested. Why should atheists believe in miracles?
Because atheists don't believe in the Bible, they don't believe in God, they don't believe in creation by ID, anything abut Christianity they will most likely disagree with... including miracles.

Answer the question "why doesn't anyone believe in Dragon ball Z?" and replace Dragon ball Z with miracles.

Simply stated no atheist has ever witnessed a bona fide miracle. Any supposed miracle has a natural explanation, even if that explanation is not immediately known. According to quantum physicists, there is no law in nature that says a statue cannot move it's arm in seemingly miraculous fashion if all the atoms in the statue's arm happen to all move in the same direction, though this is highly unlikely to occur. My television turns on and off by itself at times in the middle of the night. I don't know why this is so, but just because I don't know the natural explanation as to why doesn't mean I must call it a miracle.
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