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Why do fruits and vegetables rot?

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Plants naturally produce compound known as ethylene to be used as a hormone. It stimulates growth and ripening, but also causes death and decay. Notice that placing fruit or vegetables in a bag hastens rot; this is due to the accumulation and re-absorption of ethylene.
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Does fruit rot faster than vegetable?

It might be so, becouse fruits contain more sugars than veggies, so  fruits make for a better food supply than veggies for molds to  grow.

Which fruit rots the fastest?

Well, it's actually sort of tied between a banana and a pear. The banana definitely becomes black faster, but it sort of slows down rotting and the pear "out-rots" the banana.

Why does rotting fruit lose weight?

    Part of the rotting process is dehydration, losing moisture. As the fruit rot's, moisture is also lost which is weight.

Why is a vegetable a vegetable and a fruit a fruit?

A vegetable is any edible part of a plant, and can include roots, tubers, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. A fruit is the part of a seed-bearing plant that contains the s

How can you prevent fruit from rotting?

Prevent rotten fruit   One way is simple - and tasty: Eat the fruit before it rots.Wrap it up in plastic.Keep it in the fridge.Buy it less ripe so you have time to get to i

What gas does rotting fruit produce?

ethylene oxide, amylases, and proteases How does rotting fruit produce these gases? well,when fruits rot they decompose by givingb off gas. so they produce gases by decompos

Why is fruit rotting a physical change?

When fruit rots there are various kinds of changes, one of which is that it becomes softer and ultimately liquifies. Hardness is a physical characteristic, hence if it change

Why does vinegar rot fruit?

Rotting of food is normally due to enzyme or microorganism activity  however vinegar reduces the pH of the fruit so that they do not  survive. Vinegar will start to break do