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Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the batteries are getting weak?

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Because you are a neanderthal.
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How do you change the remote control battery for a 2003 Volkswagen Golf?

worked for my 2001 Golf I got this from another web site but found it so useful that I had to come back here and post it. I cant believe that the owners manual suggests that

Why do you press harder on the remote control when you know the battery is dead?

Answer . Answer Lack of self control might be your answer.. Answer . maybe you're hoping that there's little remaining energy left and by pressing harding you'll gonn

Does spinning the batteries in a remote control make them last longer?

Sometimes the remote just won't respond, and I have to turn the POWER on at the tv set. Then I often spin them, tap the remote LIGHTLY on my desk, and voila they do last a l

How do I change the remote control batteries on a vw beetle?

OK, be careful. Do this away from your car, so not to set off the alarm. Open the key. In the grove where the key is stored there is a seam. Pry with a flat head screw driver.

How do you open battery cover for windstar remote control?

From the 2001 Windstar Owners Manual - likely to be applicable to most all Ford-Mercury remotes: . To replace the battery: 1. Twist a thin coin between the two halves of