Why does Michigan have tornadoes?

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Same reason all other places have tornadoes. They can occur in all 50 states. In Michigan, they are most common in lower MI.
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Does Michigan have tornadoes?

Yes. Michigan has about 15 tornadoes each year on average. Three ofthese tornadoes have been rated F5, including the Flint, Michigantornado of 1953 which was one of the deadli

When is tornado season in Michigan?

There is no official tornado season, however activity is generallyhighest in the months of May through July, peaking in June. Asclimates shift over time from decade to decade,

Does Michigan usually have Tornadoes?

not as much as in oklahom obviously but Michigan definitely has enough severe weather (including tornadoes) to keep things interesting.

When was the deadliest tornado in Michigan?

The deadliest tornado in Michigan History was the Flint, MichiganF5 tornado. It hit on June 8, 1953, killing 115. It was also thetenth deadliest tornado in U.S. history.

Do tornadoes form in Michigan?

Yes, tornadoes are fairly common in Michigan. Most notable was the Flint, Michigan tornado of June 8, 1953. This F5 tornado killed 116 people, ranking it as one of the deadl

What type of tornadoes form in Michigan?

As with most regions, most Michigan tornadoes are supercell tornadoes. If you mean the most Fuijta ratings, tornadoes of all Fujita scale ratings, F0 to F5 have hit Michigan
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When do tornadoes occur in Michigan?

Tornadoes have been recorded in Michigan in every month except December. However the majority of tornado activity in Michigan occurs in late spring and summer with June being
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Will there be a tornado in Michigan this year?

There alread have been. As of July 18, 2013 Michigan has had sixrecorded tornadoes. There will prbably be a few more before the endof the year, though there is no way of knowi
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Can there be a tornado in Michigan in December?

If it is, it is highly unlikely. No tornado has been recorded inMichigan since official records began in 1950. This should not betaken as ab absolute no, however, since as rec
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Can Michigan get a tornado?

Yes. On average Michigan is hit by about 15 tornadoes per year.Most of these tornadoes are weak, but strong ones do occur. Threetornadoes in Michigan history were strong enoug