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Why does my skin turn green when I sit on potatoes?

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Why does copper turn your skin green?

 Answer   Several GREEN copper salts that can be created from combinations of copper and other chemicals such as copper sulfate, copper acetate etc.     The Stat

Why do potatoes turn green?

I'm not sure if this is true or not but I think that it turns green from it being in the light or in the sun. for example if your making mashed potatoes and you put your potat

Why is your skin turning green?

My skin isn't green! But copper does turn skin green I think... I think it's something to do with salt and acid reacting with copper and therefor your skin turns green... For

How can you make jewelry not turn your skin green?

Wear Silpada!!!! Usually, only fake, costume jewelry will turn green. This is because it is made from copper instead of gold and the oils form you skin cause the copper to c

How do you stop potatoes from turning green?

Store them in a dark place. Light makes them turn green. When I buy them at an open 24 hr grocery, I try to pick the bags under the shelf, exposed to as little light as possib

Can potatoes that have turned green still be used as seed potatoes?

They should be fine for seed use as long as the "eyes" still appear to be trying to sprout and the rest of the potato is still relatively firm. To make sure, just take a few s