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Why has tv reception been changed to digital?

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It provides the public a much picture and sound plus the government stands to make some money. Analog was very old technology.
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Why did Congress order the change to digital TV?

Reason the Change Was Ordered   Mainly to free up radio frequency spectrum. An analog picture uses 4.5 megahertz for the video and sound and a satellite transponder is

Does digital broadcast tv have same reception range as analog?

Analog tv now uses mostly vhf-uhf frequencies for the standard network TV. UHF was added in the 60s for local urban TV signals with the addition of another tuner years ago. An

How do you get digital reception by antenna with a digital TV?

I get a perfect picture on TV using an antenna. Can not get digital signal to come thru when using either a converter box or a new digital TV. I have following all the instruc

Will the analog to digital TV change affect TV band radio?

Yes. Your TV band radio will no longer work. You would need to have a radio with a tuner capable of picking up the new digital TV format. I don't know of any such product

How can you improve your reception with a digital TV antenna?

  To receive digital TV signals from all stations, it is important that your antenna be able to receive both VHF channels (channels 2-13) and UHF channels (channels 14-51)

Why is digital television reception worse than analog?

In digital there is a signal threshold below which dropout (pixelation) occurs. When an analogue signal degrades the picture just gets 'snowy'. However, digital reception whic

Can you change your analog TV to digital?

Though the TV cannot be altered, a set top box can be purchased fairly cheaply, about £20.00 in the UK. If you watch broadcast television (by means of an antenna) rather than

Why did you have to change to digital TV?

The move to digital television broadcasting reflects the change in production, storage and viewing of television content. Digital transmission adds features that analog servic