Why is Bangladesh called Bangladesh?

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The name Bangladesh means "the nation of Bengal" (Gônôprôjatôntri Bangladesh).

It is the Islamic-majority region of the historic state of Bengal in southeastern India.
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Where is Bangladesh?

It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India. It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal

What is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh (The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was once known as East Pakistan, which was a region controlled by (and politically and economically bullied by) West Pakistan.

Can you get into Bangladesh?

If you are not Bangladeshi citizen that time most of the cases you need passport and visa to visit. For visa you can contact with Bangladesh Misissions Abroad (embassy) in you

When did Bangladesh?

qAfter a big liberation which was taken 9 months . More than 30 lakhs people were dead &become mat yrs to make BANGLADESH independent.It was really a great history which is re

Who is bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a rapper who named himself after the country Bangladesh. Birth name is - Shondrae Crawford

Why Bangladesh is called land of fiber?

It is actually known as "land of 'golden' fiber" because of its production of jute. yes, it is the largest jute producing country in the world.

Which district is called the vanish of Bangladesh?

The word is ' VENICE ' not Vanish, a city in northern Italy which is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks) and Barisal town was called Ven

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