Why is Greek the language of the New Testament?

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Greek was the language of the eastern parts of the Roman Empire, with the exception of the Palestinian Jews, who steadfastly stayed with Aramaic, the lingua franca of the old Persian Empire. All the New Testament authors were Greek speakers and they wrote for a Greek-speaking audience. Even Paul was a diaspora Jew, rather than a Palestinian Jew, and so would have been at home writing in Greek.
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What language was the New Testament written in?

The New Testament was written in Greek, generally in the sort of Greek used widely around the eastern Mediterranean. This form of Greek is known as the "Koine" and is rather s

What was the original language of the new testament?

The New Testament was written entirely in Greek Koine , adialect of Attic Greek. KOINE Greek was the form of the language spread throughout the NearEast by the conquests of A

What was the language in New Testament times?

In the times the New Testament was written, the official language was latin, since Rome was the emperor city. Jews official language was Hebrew and Greek was a very influencin

Greek word for mansion in the New Testament?

The only New Testament appearance of the word is in John 14:2 - In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place fo

In what type of Greek was the New Testament written?

The New Testament was written in Greek Koine. This was a dialect of Attic Greek (the dialect of Athens), that had been adopted throughout the Hellenistic world after the conqu

Was the New Testament written in Greek?

Yes. The 'Old Testament' was written in Hebrew and Aramaic, but the 'New Testament', was written in Greek. Yes, the New Testament was written in Greek

What is the Greek translation of New Testament?

The Bible was written in various languages by various people overtime. The Greek Translation is just that - the New Testament inGreek. Greek was used as a diplomatic and trade

Who translated the New Testament from Greek to Latin?

A: The New Testament gospels had already been translated into OldLatin by the time Jerome, whose full name was Sophronius EusebiusHieronymus, was commissioned in 382-383 to r
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Who was responsible for the Greek version of the New Testament?

A: All the books in the New Testament were originally written in Greek, so it was the authors themselves who were responsible for the Greek version. It was left to future ge
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What is New Testament Greek word for entertainment?

Strong's Greek 619 is the closest word I can find that has that broad of a scope as it does in English. Apolausis is the word meaning to have the faculty or experience of enjo