Why is Hercules allowed onto muont olypus?

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he is the son of zues and he is a god look it up on the internet
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What is Hercules' about?

It was about a powerful person who had to do 12 labors to marry his woman and stop evil once and for all.

Are you allowed to bring bikes onto the buses?

Usually - no, unless it's one that folds and either has a belt drive or a fully enclosed chain. Some routes may have bike carriers on the front or the rear of the bus where yo

How do you get Hercules?

Oh this is awkward, so when a God (Zeus) and a mortal woman fall in love or just lust. They being consenting adults and gods have sexual intercourse and the result could be a

How do you get in mount olypus on poptropica?

Well you have to get Hercules to help you first. He should after you have your five items, go to the tree of immortality, and Zues takes them. Athena will tell you to ask him,

How does Hercules die and why is he allowed onto Mount Olympus?

Hercules' wife accidentaly kills him. The Centaur Nessus offered to take them across a river that they needed to cross. Nessus tried to kidnap Deianeira (he takes her across f
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Why is Hercules allowed onto Mount Olympus?

Heracles was a son of Zeus, so when he died (after being poisoned and building himself a funeral pyre), all that was left of him was his immortal being, which Zeus raised up t
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How many heroes of olypus books will there be?

There will be 5 books in the Heroes of Olympus series. Book 2 is coming out in October 2011. book 3 in fall 2012, book 4 in fall 2013, and book 5 will be released in fall 2014
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What is muont Everest famous for?

Mount Everest is famous for being the highest mountain in theworld. It stands at 8.848m high and can be found in the Himalayanmountains on the border of Tibet and Nepal.