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The Iliad is an epic poem written by Homer. In the poem, the Trojan War in Greece is being fought. The combatants of the war are the Greeks and the Trojans. Any questions regarding the Trojan Horse can also be place here.

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What does Achilles do after he kills hector?

Achilles cuts holes in Hector's heels, laces a girdle Ajax gave him through them and fastens Hector's body to his chariot. He drives around the city and all through the Greek camp with Hector in tow. For twelve days he abuses Hector's body, but Aphrodite and Apollo keep the body from being damaged.

Eventually the gods intervene and Thetis asks her son to allow Priam to retrieve his son's body. Priam is protected by Hermes as he enters the Greek camp and Achilles, moved by a father's devotion, allows Hector to return to Priam and offers a truce of twelve days for Hector's funeral. This is the end of the Iliad.

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What are some examples of 'allusion'?

In literature, allusions refer to an outside event or source such as history, literature, religion, etc. What this means is that it pulls this information out of its original context and uses it to support the work. For example, a simile or metaphor for the "Garden of Eden" is an example of a biblical allusion. Any mention of Julius Caesar's death, or Brutus' betrayal, no matter how faint, is an allusion to history. Mentioning Shakespeare or Romeo and Juliet in another literary work is a literary allusion. Allusions are many.

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Why is Agamemnon important?

because he caused the rath of Achilles - this made the story very cool and interesting

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Why does Achilles fight like a spartan?

When Homerus wrote or composed the ilad he used (or combined) stories wich included material over a hundred years before him as well as material based on his present. the aspect of city-state and hoplites are based on his age while great kings and gloryhounds like Achilles were much older. It's not suprising to see the Greeks fight as hoplites(a warfare style being implemented in many greek states at homer's time). Why is that logical? Let's put it like this how could he know how Greeks fought hundreds of years before him, modern archeologist aren't sure, so how could he know?

besides it's wrong to say Achilles fought like a Spartan. The Spartans had the same type of army like the other Greek states, the big,hoplos, schield combined with spear and sword(if you were lucky). It's safer to say he fought like a (for Homerus) modern greek. Still there are differences, Achilles uses a chariots and goes for personal glory rather than the benefit of the state as the Greeks of Homers time and centuries on did.

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Who was the great warrior from Troy?

Hector, the Prince of Troy, was really their hero and their best warrior.

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Why does Achilleus decide not to strike Agamemnon?

He was bigger and stronger then him

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What is a common theme for the Odyssey and Iliad?

Vengeance, Fate or Destiny, Courage, Pride, Power of the Gods, determination, faith, morality (both human & divine), brains vs brawn..

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Who was the Son of Elam?


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Who are the parents of Patroclus?

Patroclus was the son of Menoetius, grandson of Actor, who was King of Opus. His mother is less certain, there are four options.

  • Periopis, daughter of Pheres, founder of Pherae
  • Polymele, daughter of Peleus, King of Phthia and older half-sister of Achilles
  • Sthenele, daughter of Acastus, and Astydameia
  • Gaius Julius Hyginus names Philomela as Patroclus' mother; although Hyginus gives no origin for Philomela, she might be related to her namesake daughter of Pandion I, King of Athens and Zeuxippe
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When did Homer write The Odyssey?

Homer wrote the Odyssey about 725 BCE.

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How did Iliad and Odyssey influence the world?

These stories that homer wrote teached courage ,bravery,and life lessons. The illiad tells about the Trojan horse. The odyssey tells about a guy named Odysseus and after his army gives the the Trojan horse and kills all of those people the sails for 20 years just to try to get back to Greece, because the god Poseidon was mad at him.

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Who are Hector of troy's parents?

King Priam and Hecuba

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What are Achilles' and Hector's similarities in The Iliad?

glory in battle, tragic characters, fight till the end

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What is an Achilles' heel?

An 'Achilles heel' is a single, deadly weakness despite overall strength. It is named after the hero, Achilles, because he was basically invincible except for a spot on his heel; which led to his downfall. This was because his mother, Thetis, dipped him into the River Styx hanging onto his heel. In human anatomy, this part is called the 'Achilles tendon'.

See 'related links' for more details.

The term has come to mean any fatal flaw or tragic weakness. An interesting bit of trivia - the Indian god Krishna was also traditionally invulnerable except for a heel, and was killed by an arrow shot into his heel.
A weakness or flaw: a variant of myth says that Thetis, mother of Achilles, tried to make her son invulnerable/immortal dipping him in the waters of the Styx (the river of Hades).

But, as she held him by the heel, and he was not touched by the Styx's waters there - he failed to be protected.

Note, however, that in the story of Achilles in the Trojan War in the Iliad, Homer does not mention this weakness of Achilles' heel.
An "Achilles heel" is an idiom for something that is apparently invulnerable actually having a single point of weakness that can be exploited to win the day. It is derived from the Greek myth of Achilles which is well documented elsewhere.

To "meet one's Waterloo" is an idiom for an end to an otherwise unstoppable force (from the perspective of the loser). In the case of the French general Napoleon Bonaparte he met the English general Wellington who defeated him at Waterloo and decisively ended Bonaparte's campaign.
A mortal (death-dealing) weakness.
Achilles' Heel is that one weak spot in an otherwise strong character or position.

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How did Hector defile the body of patroklos?

Raped him

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What are some achievements by Achilles?

In the Iliad, Achilles was said to kill the Trojan prince, Hector.

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Where was Achilles killed?

Achilles was killed in Troy by Paris while the Greeks were invading the Trojans.

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Is Achilles's mother Athena?

No, Achilles's mother is Thetis, a Nereid or sea nymph.

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Who is the unproven author of Iliad?


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Achilles friend who died by hectors sword?


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Who were the main characters in Homers The Iliad?

There are many main characters, but probably the most famous were:

  • Achilles
  • Hector
  • Paris
  • Helen
  • Menelaus
  • Agamemmon
  • Diomedes
  • Odysseus
  • Patroclus
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Who wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey?

The original author(s) of these works is not positively known.

The Greek Poet Homer ('Ομηρος) produced their current form around the 9th Century BC. (Homer could have been a group of writers as no records have ever been found of the actual poet.)

However, there is a pattern of style being used in the the Iliad, so Homer could be the one who synthesized the oral poem and added new linguistic devices in the poem to make it more interesting.

The Iliad and The Odyssey were first told in forms similar to their present forms by Homer, a blind poet who is believed to have lived around 850 B.C. However, they were not actually written by Homer. Rather, Homer originally presented his works through oral presentation, i.e. by speaking or singing them.

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Who wrote The Iliad?

Homer is traditionally attributed with writing the Iliad.

Homer was the person who wrote it but in those days, as many people didn't know how to read, cultured men would go around telling stories by singing and playing instruments. So it is said that many other people helped write the modern Iliad.

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Who killed Achilles?

Prince Paris, son of Priam king of Troy, killed Achilles using his arrows, with the help of Apollo who guides his arrow.

These events occur after the Iliad ends.

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How does Apollo help Hector kill Patroclus in The Iliad?

Patroclus convinced Achilles to let him don Achilles' armor and lead the Myrmidons into combat. In his lust for combat, Patroclus pursued the Trojans all the way back to the gates of Troy, defying Achilles' order to break off combat once the ships were saved. Patroclus killed many Trojans and allies including the Lycian hero Sarpedon (a son of Zeus), and Cebriones (the chariot driver of Hector and illegitimate son of Priam). Patroclus was stunned by Apollo, wounded by Euphorbos, then finished off by Hector.

After retrieving his body, which had been protected on the field by Menelaus and Ajax (Telamonian Aias), Achilles returned to battle and avenged his companion's death by killing Hector. Achilles then desecrated Hector's body by dragging it behind his chariot instead of allowing the Trojans to honorably dispose of it by burning it. Achilles' grief was great and for some time, he refused to dispose of Patroclus' body; but he was persuaded to do so by an apparition of Patroclus, who told Achilles he could not enter Hades without a proper cremation. Achilles cut a lock of his hair, and sacrificed horses, dogs, and twelve Trojan captives before placing Patroclus' body on the funeral pyre.


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