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Why is Medicare taxes deducted from your paycheck?

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Because that is how Congress decided to pay for the Medicare program.
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Can an employer deduct tips out of your paycheck legally?

No. Your employer can neither take your tips (or any part of them), nor deduct money from your wages because of the tips you earn. Furthermore, your employer cannot credit you

How much Social Security do they deduct from your paycheck?

The specific amount withheld should be shown on your payment stub or direct deposit receipt, and is labeled FICA. A total of 7.65% of your pre-tax income (6.2% for Social Se

What percentage is taken out of your paycheck for income social security and medicare taxes?

7.65% from th employee and the employer pays the same amount on the employees behalf.   Wages subject to FICA is defined slightly differently than for other purposes, so so

Does an employer have to deduct taxes from a minor workers paycheck?

No The employer may not deduct taxes from your paycheck if you are under 18 unless you give them permission to do so, If they have done this to you make sure to talk to someon

Are medicare part b premiums tax deductible?

Yes is the short answer but there are some guide lines to be followed.   How Much of the Expenses Can You Deduct?   You can deduct on Schedule A (Form 1040) only the

Can FICA and medicare be withheld monthly from paychecks?

The required amounts are calculated on your gross earning for each pay period and withheld at that time before your net take home paycheck is issued to you. Your employer is r