Why is Qom important to Muslims?

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It should first be noted that Qom is really only important to Shiite Muslims. Sunnis are not interested in the city.

Qom is a holy site in Shiite Islam since it has the Shrine of Fatimah bint Musa al-Kadhim. She was the sister of one of the Twelve Shiite Infallible Imams, specifically Imam Reza who lived from 789-816 C.E. Since that time the city has become the largest center for Shiite scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage. In more recent history, Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, was educated and led his movement against the Shah (prior to exile) from the city of Qom.
the city of Qom nowadays counted as important religious center for scientific investigation and also there are many great Shia scholars who have courses there and educated many pupils.
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What is Mecca and why is it important to Muslims?

Mecca is the birth place of Muhammed, the founder of the religion islam. It is also the religious place where the kaabar is. Muslims make a pilgrimage (or Hajj) to Mecca at least once in their life.

Why is the Quran so important to muslims?

because it is their holy book like the bible is to Christians, sentfrom Allah :) Quran is the only Holy text in the whole human history that haveremained unchanged after the prophet of Islam. we all know thatthere are several versions of the Torah ( The holy book of the jews) and Bible ( the holy bo (MORE)

Why is safa and marwa important to Muslims?

Safa and Marwa is important to Muslims because.... It is part of their religion, which they believe in, because its true and because it is where special people in the Islam history have been told to go to. Even today people still do because they have been told to follow the very important people in (MORE)

Why is Palestine important to Muslims?

Allah Almighty sent about 1,24,000 Prophets (May peace be upon themall) for the guidance of humans to the right path. The Muslimsbelieve in all these holy Prophets, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) being thelast of them. Most of the Prophes were born, and are buried inPalestine. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) started h (MORE)

What is the importance to Muslims of mecca?

Mecca to Muslims is a very impotant religious place. They think that the best thing in life is to reach Mecca and pray to there God. To them Mecca is the holiest place some one could be in the whole world. One thing a Muslim must try to complete once in there lifetime, is to go to Mecca!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MORE)

Why is sawm important to Muslims?

Sawm or fasting is that Muslims are obliged to abstain from all food, drink, use of tobacco, and conjugal relations over the period from dawn through sunset. However, that is the physical component of the fasting; the spiritual aspects and importance of fasting (or Sawm) include: * Refraining from (MORE)

Why is Muslim important?

Muslims are important because they Play important roles in the exspansion of the muslim empire

Why is Jesus important to Jews and Muslims?

Answer 1 Muslims believe Jesus was a messenger and prophet of God. Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism. Answer 2 muslims believe that there is only one religion in the world fromAdam till last prophet(khatam). they called it the islam but in theduration of time the god or Allah send more (MORE)

Why charity is important to Muslims?

Charity, Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of faith. Giving 2.5% of annual earnings to the needy purifies a Muslims wealth and protects him from greed.

Why is muhmmad important to Muslims?

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) is Important because he is the last Messenger of Allah (God). Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) is termed as Allah's beloved in the Holy Quran. he is the last prophet and the seal of all the prophets. No prophet will come after him in this world. Muslims are termed as t (MORE)

What is important to the Muslims?

There are many things important too Muslims. All of them are listed in the Holy Quraan. Like Allah ( the only God ), Our " My " Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ), The Holy Book Quraan ( most valuable book in the world ), and many more.

What is the importance of the year 622 for Muslims?

Year 622 AD is the year of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigration (or Hijra) from Mecca to Yathrib (later called Medina) per God command to him and upon God information to him that the Meccas unbelievers planned to assassinate him. This year marked the start of the Islamic Hijra Lunar Calendar year.

Why the ummah is important for Muslims?

Because it shows the unity of Muslims. It is said in one of the hadiths that if one part of the body is in pain the whole body is in pain.. which is what the Muslim ummah is, so if Muslims are dieing then the whole of the Muslim community feels the pain. 'Treat your brother the way you would like (MORE)

Why is life after death important to Muslims?

Life after death should be important for everyone, because everyone will be accountable at Judgment Day. I his or her deeds are good, he or she will go to heaven otherwise hell. Moreover, it is also important because in Islam, life after death is the real life. This life is a test for the hereaft (MORE)

Why is worship important to Muslims?

it goes back to when they were out in the desert riding camels and living in tents and thot about the stars in the heavens a lot; and wondering what was the reason for them being so poor

Why is the belief in Risalah important to Muslims?

Without Risalah Muslims would not know how to act. Risalah is the idea that God reveals Divine Books to people through acts of prophecy. Without the idea of Risalah, the Torah, Psalms, Gospels, and the Qur'an could not have been revealed to mankind. This would make Islam impossible since nearly eve (MORE)

Why is Medina important for Muslims?

Almadina (or Medina) is important for Muslims mainly for: . Al-Madina (or Medina) is the second holiest Islamic city (after Makkah or Mecca). . It is the first city of the Islamic state. Islam spread allover the world started from Medina. . In addition, the second most important mosque is in Me (MORE)

Why is Tawheed important for Muslims?

its the knowledge needed for knowing and meeting God. its the most valuable knowledge 1. It is the pillar upon which Islam is built. The Prophet said "Islaam is built upon five : the tawheed of Allah…..(Related by Muslim no. 19) 2. The greatest need for mankind, since there is no life fo (MORE)

What are important books or documents to Muslims?

Muslims had written thousands of books covering all science fields including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, physics, optics, geography, philosophy, ... etc. However; from the religious point of view; the most important reference books are: . The holy book Quran that reflects real God word re (MORE)

What is the importance of Muslim?

There are lots of importance. They are all about peace and believing in 1 god and practicing their religion, and not to forget god because he is the one who created us. God created everyone on Earth so we cant forget him or he will forget us.

Why is being a Muslim important?

Well, Muslims all know that they're going to Heaven. It's stated in the Quran and I think even the other religions (that have read the Quran) know it too. It brings you love, happiness, joy, richness, riches,etc;

Why are the Qur'an and Sunnah important to Muslims?

Answer Both Quran and Sunnah (Prophet Muhammad PBUH sayings and practices) are the reference that guide Muslims to the right path of God and lead Muslims to sound and peaceful life. Sharia that is extracted from Quran and Prophet Muhammad Sunnah guide Muslims: . to the right path to Allah (God i (MORE)

Why is Jerusalem important to the Muslims?

Jerusalem's Importance for Muslims: Answer 1 Islam; per Qur'an revelation by God to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel; was started about 1400 years ago by Mohammed. However, Jerusalem is important to Muslims for two reasons: . Islam in its universal meaning of full submission to God (MORE)

Why is the quaran important to Muslims?

Quran is important to Muslims because it is their holy book that reflects Allah (God in English; same God worshiped by Jews and Christians) word revelations to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Jibril (Gabriel). Muslims are taught from Quran all their ritual worships and what to do and what (MORE)

Why is palestine important to all Muslims?

Palestine is very important to Muslims. Palestine is the home to many Musims, including my own parents. I am Arab American and just as important my American pride is, so is my Palestine pride. Everyone has a natural love and respect for their homeland. It is also said that Day of Judgment will happe (MORE)

Why are Muslims important to the Middle East?

Considering that they compose >90% of the Middle Eastpopulation, and govern all but two of its dozen or so nations(Israel and Cyprus), they are very important to the functioning ofthe Middle East.

What is the importance of Islam to Muslims?

It is the way of living, it is a path to win heart of our almighty one and only one Allah. It is our way of life. Also: Muslims are, by definition, followers of Islam. Islam is therefore very important to all Muslims.

Why do Muslims think charity is important?

Because Zakah it the 4th Pillar of Islam Zakah=Charity Charity is good helping people and helping the poor ____________________________________________________ . To build up solidarity of the society. . gets Allah blessing and satisfaction. Refer to question below.

How is Karbala in Iraq important to Muslims?

The so called Umayyad King, Yazid came to power. With his evil intentions he wanted to destroy Islam. He began to turn right to false and false to right. Slowly he was turning the Islamic laws into false due to the fact he was in power. Yazid sent his messanger to Imam Hussain (grandson of prophet M (MORE)

Why are Islamic laws are important to Muslims?

according to Islam disobeying God is sin and God will is described in Quran and are called Islamic laws. and according to Islam disobeying laws of Islam may lead entering Hell. God created this world, the Sun, Moon, Stars the Galaxy and other Planets, Humans, Plants and all Living creatures. Our s (MORE)

Why is purdah important for Muslims?

Assalamalikum All, Purdha is important for every girl of any century. Lets give an example: there are two sweets thrown in the mud ..one is with the wrapper and the other one without the wrapper. Which one will you prefer to eat.... Answer is obvious.... The one with the wrapper... The girl who is c (MORE)

Why is marriage so important to Muslims?

The manner system of Islam based on family Family is the unit cell of the Islamic society not the individual as in the west. In addition, no sex (oral or intercourse sex) is allowed; per Islam religion; outside marriage. Hence, marriage is the only licit approach to practice sex.

Why is charity so important to Muslims?

One of the most important pillars of Islam, upon which it is built,is Zakat (charity). It is extremely important for Muslimsbecause, Islam emphasizes its need of equality within a society.Due to this, those well-off are expected to contribute and donatetowards the needy. Without such a principle, (MORE)

Is it important for Muslims to have a holy building?

I think it is important for Muslims to have a holy building because then they will have there own place to worship God and to read they're prayers. Even some people stay to listen to speeches from famous Muslims which they sleep in the Mosque for.

What is the Koran and why is it important to the Muslims?

The holy Koran (Qur'an) is the last book of revelation. Old Testament, New Testament, Zaboor, Torah, Anajeel, The Bible and many others were also revealed to different holy Prop[hets (May peace be upon them all). The Muslims believe in all these heavenly Books. Unfortunately, they were tempered w (MORE)

What is your important to me in Muslim?

Muslim is a follower of the Islamic faith - it is NOT a language,and there isn't a language exclusive to Islam. Countries with anIslamic population can be found all over the world, and thelanguages vary by country - Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi are commonlanguages. Albanian, variations of Chinese languag (MORE)