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Besides increasing the population, sex can be good exercise. Sex causes the release of endorphins and has been shown to reduce conditions related to stress.
Emotionally, sex can be a mixed bag, but making love with someone you are intimate with can boost confidence, encourage bonding and communication, and leave you feeling amazing - and we should not ignore the positive effect on health that improved morale can have.
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What is good sex?

Good sex consists of many things. For example, the two individuals are to be physically attracted to each other, both partners have to be emotionally (and mentally ready) for

Is sex good for you?

Yes, sex is good for you. It gets your hormones going and it can also relieve someone from a headache, backache, or even from cramps. It can also be categorized as a workout b

How do you be good at sex?

Practice and learning from your mistakes. Paying attention to the other persons responses, putting their pleasure ahead of your own.

Why sex is good?

Because your genital region contains many nerve endings.

How to be good at sex?

ask the girl she might know if you got anything to improve. And if you do well think about it as a normal thing you cant be good at everything :P unless ur a girl. . .then u c

How to have a good sex?

if you want to have good sex then make sure your partner is up for it to make your sex more interesting don't do it in bed do on the kitchen table or in the show during sex er

Sex is good or not?

Yes it is good. As long as it is between two (or more) mutually consenting adults then it is great.

Sex is how good?

Very. You feel your limbs go numb, but in a nice way. Then you cum ;P

How you have good sex?

Its how you do it! Hmm... So you want to have good sex? Step 1. Get naked and roll on the bed touching and squirming and giggling. Then you get started... Step 2. The male sho

What to have for a good sex?

i personally think that passionate sex is best- where you are really in love. however, if the woman achieves orgasm first then the man should have sex with her if it is just o
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Why is sexs good?

Sex is good because it brings you pleasure and is just a fun  activity that helps you explore your body
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Is sexs good?

Sex is good at then right age with then right person. Sex can relieve stress and also can make someone happy! Taking depression or sadness away. It is humans natural way. We h
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Is sexing good-?

Sexing is a good practice, since it saves time in cross-breading ling things.