Why is the elephant the mascot for Republicans?

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This symbol of the party was born in the imagination of cartoonist Thomas Nast and first appeared in Harper's Weekly on November 7, 1874. An 1860 issue of Railsplitter and an 1872 cartoon in Harper's Weekly connected elephants with Republicans, but it was Nast who provided the party with its symbol. Oddly, two unconnected events led to the birth of the Republican Elephant. James Gordon Bennett's New York Herald raised the cry of "Caesarism" in connection with the possibility of a thirdterm try for President Ulysses S. Grant. The issue was taken up by the Democratic politicians in 1874, halfway through Grant's second term and just before the midterm elections, and helped disaffect Republican voters. While the illustrated journals were depicting Grant wearing a crown, the Herald involved itself in another circulation-builder in an entirely different, nonpolitical area. This was the Central Park Menagerie Scare of 1874, a delightful hoax perpetrated by the Herald. They ran a story, totally untrue, that the animals in the zoo had broken loose and were roaming the wilds of New York's Central Park in search of prey. Cartoonist Thomas Nast took the two examples of the Herald enterprise and put them together in a cartoon for Harper's Weekly. He showed an ass (symbolizing the Herald) wearing a lion's skin (the scary prospect of Caesarism) frightening away the animals in the forest (Central Park). The caption quoted a familiar fable: "An ass having put on a lion's skin roamed about in the forest and amused himself by frightening all the foolish animals he met within his wanderings." One of the foolish animals in the cartoon was an elephant, representing the Republican vote - not the party, the Republican vote - which was being frightened away from its normal ties by the phony scare of Caesarism. In a subsequent cartoon on November 21, 1874, after the election in which the Republicans did badly, Nast followed up the idea by showing the elephant in a trap, illustrating the way the Republican vote had been decoyed from its normal allegiance. Other cartoonists picked up the symbol, and the elephant soon ceased to be the vote and became the party itself: the jackass, now referred to as the donkey, made a natural transition from representing the Herald to representing the Democratic party that had frightened the elephant. --From William Safire's New Language of Politics, Revised edition, Collier Books, New York, 1972 Source: www.gop.com
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How did an elephant become the mascot of the Alabama Crimson Tide?

The origin of the Alabama Crimson Tide's elephant mascot dates back to the 1930s. A sports reporter was writing about the game between Alabama and Ole Miss that was played on October 8. The journalist wrote how a fan yelled "Here come the elephants" when he heard the Crimson Tide's first team coming (MORE)

What is a Republican?

Republican Party (United States) The Republican Party was founded in 1854. A group of anti-slaveryexpansion activists and modernizers formed the Republican Party inthe town of Ripon, Wisconsin. This party is often referred to as'The Grand Old Party' (GOP). The first truly significant Republicanto ho (MORE)

What is republican?

Republicans tend to oppose gun control, abortion, gay marriage,labor unions, socialism, Marxism, etc. They tend to supportpersonal responsibility, a strong but smaller government, statesrights, less regulation, and lower taxes. They tend to see socialservice type work as the job of non-profit agenci (MORE)

What is republicanism?

Republicanism is the political movement to establish a republic, which is a state that has no constitutionally hereditary ruler. A republic is not necessarily a liberal democracy like the United States. It may be a brutally conservative dictatorship such as Cuba, China or North Korea. --- The (MORE)

What is a mascot?

A mascot is someone inspirational that is on the sideline or at court side in a event. He/she is basically cheering for it's hoe team.

When was the Republican mascot first used?

The mascot for the Republican party is the elephant. It began beingused as such in 1877 after Thomas Nast began drawing politicalcartoons using the elephant for Republicans and the donkey for theDemocrats.

Why is the elephant the symbol of the Republican party?

The traditional mascot of the party is the elephant. A political cartoon by Thomas Nast , published in Harper's Weekly on November 7, 1874, is considered the first important use of the symbol, and popularized the symbol. As symbol of the Republican party, the elephant represented Nast's pol (MORE)

How did the Republicans come up with the elephant for their symbol?

This symbol was first used by political cartoonist Thomas Nast around 1874, in a cartoon in the New Yorker magazine. At that time, he was being critical of their erratic behavior-- Nast liked to mock the foolish actions and policies of politicians from both parties, and he used the elephant because (MORE)

When was the Republican party's mascot first used?

The Republican Party's mascot was first used in 1874 in a cartoondrawing that appeared in Harper's Weekly. Thomas Nast was thecreator of the elephant that is still used by the Republican Partytoday.

What does the Republican elephant mean?

It just a useful symbol, created in a cartoon in Harpers Weekly by Thomas Nast in 1874. The cartoon was about an escaped animal and the fightened elephant was labelled Republicans..

Why is the Republican sign an elephant?

The Republican sign is an elephant due to a political cartoonist.Cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a cartoon in Harper's Weekly, thecartoon he drew an elephant and called it the republican vote.Since them the elephant was associated with republicans.

Why is the Republican Party represented by an elephant?

Because the elephant never forgets. :) Thomas Nast created a cartoon in 1874 depicting the Republican "vote" as being a foolish elephant being scared by a donkey wrapped in a lion's skin. Over time these symbols became the identifiers for the two main parties. The elephant for Republicans and the d (MORE)

The symbol of the Democratic Party is the donkey and the symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant why do they have these symbols and when did this tradition first begin?

The donkey started when Andrew Jackson was running for President in 1882. All of the campainers called hm a jackass (a donkey) so he used that as his symbol. Later a man used that in a cartoon and that is what started the Democratic Symbol. . The symbols were invented by Thomas Nast, the 19 th cen (MORE)

Who create the Republican elephant?

\nThe Republican elephant was created by cartoonist Thomas Nast and appeared in Harper's Weekly, Nov. 7, 1874. Before then, an 1860 issue of Railsplitter and an 1872 Harper's Weekly also had cartoons connecting Republicans with elephants.\n. \nIn New York, also in 1874, there was an untrue story wr (MORE)

What can elephants do?

elephants may seem dumb creatures but they are actually very intellegent!! they can pull down trees in different contries like India and Africa. they do this because viecles might bump into the tree trunks so they pull them away from roads and foot paths. they can also carry objects like blankets an (MORE)

Why did the stars on republican elephant change?

because the people running the republican party now are occultists. check out bohemian grove, skull & bones, etc --- all occult symbols, just as the upside-down five-pointed star is an occult symbol. check out: www.tavpo.com for the investigation into the upside down stars on GOP elephant

What are mascots?

Mascots are something like a bird and are used to advertise the the brand name in puiblic. They are also used for good luck. .

What do the Republicans do?

Their job is to obstruct foolish legislation as much as possible. Republicans are attempting to reinvent themselves as Conservatives, which are the true patriots of the American dream. Left wings extremists are attempting to use the current progressive movement to socialize America and turn it into (MORE)

What is a 'republican?

Republicans are people from the GOP political party. Most of them are now conservative, but a century ago republicans were liberal. The GOP party started out as a party that wanted to end slavery in America. Now their goal is to give Americans more freedom. They also want to repeal Obamacare, which (MORE)

What doe s the elephant mean in the republican party?

In the late 18th-century famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast used the elephant to represent the Republican party. Nast, himself a Republican, chose the elephant as a symbol because of the animal's intelligence as well as its size. Eventually the Republican party adopted the elephant as its offic (MORE)

Why is Alabama College's football mascot an elephant?

A journalist desribed the offensive line as a line of Red Elephants. The University used that as their nickname and later change it when people started to describe Alabama's players and fans as a Crimson Tide.. One account of the mascot's derivation began in 1930, when Rosenberger's Birmingham Trun (MORE)

Why is there a donkey and elephant for republicans and democrats?

The donkey was first used in a political cartoon to represent the stubborn Andrew Jackson (who was also known as a jackass...and not necessarily for his political views).. In following cartoons, the donkey was dressed in lion's skins and scaring other animals out of a zoo. Each of these animals rep (MORE)

Why is Alabama Crimson Tide mascot an elephant?

The story of how Alabama became associated with the "elephant" goes back to the 1930 season when Coach Wallace Wade had assembled a great football team.. On October 8, 1930, sports writer Everett Strupper of the Atlanta Journal wrote a story of the Alabama-Mississippi game he had witnessed in Tusca (MORE)

What is a republican do?

The Republican Party believes that people should work for money not just be handed it. A good saying for their beliefs is "You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime". Another word for republicans is conservatives, from their beli (MORE)

Why is an elephant the mascot for Alabama?

Alabamas mascot is the elephant because that year when they created the name, the whole entire team was humongous so the commentator said " uh oh here comes the elephants.

Why is Alabama's mascot an elephant?

The origin of the mascot dates back to 1930. On October 8, a sportswriter wrote about the previous weekend's Alabama-Ole Miss football game. The writer, using the flair for the dramatic common in sportswriting at the time, wrote that an anonymous fan yelled out "Hold your horses, the elephants are c (MORE)

How can you be the mascot?

Simple act crazy have fun dance be stupid and in return you will be the best mascot a person could be!

How do you get to be a mascot?

well, you try out with all the hot cheerleaders and then hopefully you become one! also if you do make sure you get to see the cheerleaders with their tops off :P

Why was the elephant mascot used in the icc cricket world cup 2011?

The elephant "Stumpy" was used for the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup as a mascot and icon. The elephant itself is an icon of India (where the majority of games were played), as there are only two varieties of elephant in the world (Indian and African). The characterisation of an elephant as a mascot wo (MORE)

Who came up with the symbol of the elephant for the republicans?

In about 1874, a famous political cartoonist, Thomas Nast, created a cartoon for the New Yorker magazine in which he used the elephant as a symbol for Republicans. As a cartoonist, Nast mocked politicians (from both parties) for what he believed were their foolish actions; in this case, the elephant (MORE)

What is the origin of the donkey and elephant as the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties?

There was a cartoon made by Thomas Nast who made the symbol as an elephant as Ulysses S. Grant was running for a third term and he made a cartoon to show that the elephant was unmovable when calm, but destructible when excited. The donkey came from when Andrew Jackson was in office, they made a donk (MORE)

If there is a 3 letter designation for Democrats as there is a 3 letter designation GOP for Republicans type the 3 letters and explain why is there an Elephant for Republicans and a Donkey for Democra?

There's probably an obscene acronym or two, but nothing official. "Democrats" is usually abbreviated as "Dems." Thomas Nast was a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist who is considered to be the "Father of the American Cartoon". Among his notable works was the creation of (MORE)