Why is the peer group important?

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Because relationships and perceptions of peer groups are strongly linked to self-respect and self-esteem. IE if you think the like you you will like yourself a little more.
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Disadvantages of peer groups?

Peer groups have some disadvantages that include peer pressure andrisk behaviors. Other disadvantages include aggression andprosocial behavior. Another disadvantage linked to

Why is the peer group so important to socialisation?

It's important because they are people who you deal with them everyday for years and throughout the day you'll want friends to hang out with. Most of people's friends usually

What is a peer group?

A peer group is a group comprising people of similar age, background and social status. The term 'peer group' is commonly used to describe those who might reasonably be consi

The disadvangesof peer group?

A peer group is more than just a group of friends. Within a classroom, the peer group could be the entire class. Therefore it is nearly impossible, unless in complete isolatio

Why are peers important?

Depends which peers you mean. As a young person we look up to our peers because of their ability, qualifications, age, background and social status. They are our 'elders and b

What is the role of peer groups in socialization?

The peer group influences development of children's socializing skills. These early friendships help children learn how to negotiate and relate to others, including their sibl
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He special importance of the peer group is the fact that it?

The special importance of a peer group is the fact that it helpspeople learn to evaluate each other through the eyes of theirpeers. They can also gain important feedback from