Why shouldn't humans use animal fur for fur coats?

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The fur ads you might see in magazines and commercials portray fur coats as a symbol of elegance. But these ads fail to show how the original owners of these coats met their gruesome deaths.

Millions of fur-bearing animals including foxes, raccoons, minks, coyotes, bobcats, lynxes, opossums, nutria, beavers, muskrats, otters, and others are killed each year on fur farms by anal and vaginal electrocution and in the wild by drowning, trapping, or beating.

To kill the animals without damaging their fur, trappers usually strangle, beat, or stomp them to death. Animals on fur farms may be gassed, electrocuted, poisoned with strychnine, or have their necks snapped. These methods are not 100 percent effective and some animals "wake up" while being skinned.

Many animals are endangered or extinct because of this practice.

Fur is not 'green'. Marketers of fur products have always compared the bio degradation of fur to only fake fur. It is important to realize that the alternative to fur is any and every fabric and textile there is. Fur is no better than the many fabrics out there that also decompose easily. The term, "biodegradable", remains unregulated in Canada.3 It may be surprising to note that certain types of plastic bags are also being marketed as biodegradable. According to Don Jardine, Director of Pollution Prevention with PEI's Department of Environment, "Companies are using their own standards. It may say biodegrade, even if it takes 15 years." 4 It is also interesting to note that marketers of fur products contradict themselves claiming that fur biodegrades and lasts for generations. How long, exactly, does it take for the chemically soaked and treated fur coats to break down in the landfill - Generations?

Buzz words, such as "organic" or "natural" have also been misleadingly used by the fur trade. To describe a product as "organic" or "natural" is to imply that the production of such product involves neither artificial chemical treatment nor disruption to our eco-system. The washing, drying, tanning, dyeing, and trimming of fur require extensive chemical treatment. The trapping and removing of millions of wildlife from our environment is disruptive to our eco-system. And there is certainly nothing natural or green about cruelly ripping the skins off the animals' backs.

Not purchasing fur from animals will decrease the demand for it and therefore hunter's will have no need to kill animals for their fur.

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How much do animals used for fur coats suffer?

Animals suffer a lot. Millions of cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, and other animals go through pain each day. You can search YouTube on a video of the process of skinning an animal (Warning: Extremely graphic). Please, think about this before you buy any fur products. The animals will thank you. (MORE)

Do animals have to be killed for humans to get their fur?

That's not really a smart question, I mean even a blond like me knows that we don't come on now be realistic. Answer 2 Since animals tend to be very attached to their fur they are not likely to let you have it while they are still alive. It is mighty difficult to make a comfortable coat out o (MORE)

What animals are used for fur coats?

Many different animals are used to make fur coats: the most common are rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, mink, and coyote. However fur coats are also made from skunks, squirrels, weasels, guinea pigs, cuylos, cats, dogs, bears... the list goes on and on. Basically if it has fur, someone has made a coat o (MORE)

Which animal fur is used to make yarn?

Most commonly it is wool from sheep; sheep do not have fur, but, rather wool. Also, llamas, alpacas, and goats are all wool producers whose fleeces, coats and such are spun into yarn. Common fiber types you might have heard of: Merino wool comes from Merino sheep. Angora fiber comes from Ang (MORE)

Why do humans hurt animals for fur?

The more accurate description is, humans kill animals for fur. The basic reason for this is simple economics and supply and demand. Fur is a luxury item, reserved for the wealthy; to wear fur implies that you are wealthy and have a great deal of money and financial success. Because furs have become (MORE)

What animals do they use to make fur coats?

The most commonly farmed fur-bearing animals are minks, followed by foxes. Chinchillas, lynxes, and even hamsters are also farmed for their fur. Fur producing weasels in the family - Mustelidae are badger, ermine, fisher, fitch (ferret) marten, mink, otter, . They do use dogs and cats for fur. Un (MORE)

Are dalmatians used for fur coats?

Only in the movie 101 Dalmatians That's fiction though and most likely fake. Dalmatians coats aren't that thick. No dalmatians aren't used for fur coats.

Why is a fur coat warmer if the fur is on the inside?

The fur lining of a coat creates what are called dead air spaces inside that coat. Air in these tiny spaces will warm up from body heat, but because the air can't move around very well, convection is kept to a minimum. The fur has thus created a layer of insulation inside the shell of the jacket (MORE)

What are the uses for animals if they eat fur?

Owls, for example, eat mice (or other small, furry animals) andusually swallow it whole. Then a special process goes through theirbody (too hard to explain...xD). Then they have Owl Pellets (orsumthin' like that...xD) which has the fur and bones. So to Owls,they just make pellets wih fur =D Sincerel (MORE)

Why are animals used for fur jackets?

Because animal furs make very warm and comfortable clothing and they can also be quite beautifull to look at. So long as there are people that have no respect for the rights of living thing we will have these thing being made. It get he boys in and it is wrong

What animals get thick fur coats in winter?

For obvious survival reasons, nature protects her mammals with thicker coats for colder climes, consider the Polar Bear, Siberian Tiger, and Russian Blue cat which has a two-tone deep lustrous blue coat- warm as toast on dire days of winter.

Do people use platypus's fur for coats?

No. It is true that platypuses were hunted extensively for their fur, or pelts, in the nineteenth and early twentith centuries. However, once the animal was protected by law, this ceased. People definitely do not use platypuses' fur for coats.

How do you make a fur coat out of a dead animal?

Making a fur coat out of a dead animal can be a more costly alternative for those that cannot afford to purchase one off the rack. However, it should also be noted that the decision to kill animals for clothing is opposed by organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).. (MORE)

How many animals does it take to make one fur coat?

If you use sheeps or bears or whatever it was, and depend on the size of the coat you want to make. If it was about size 6, for 12 years old childs. It might take about 1 bear, 2 sheeps. A.K.A too many.

Why animals should not be used for fur?

They should not be used for fur because animals are killed when people take out their fur and what would the world be like with no animals? SAVE ANIMALS! HAVE A BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!

Is making fur coats animal cruelty?

Yes, Fur coats is animal cruelty unless the animals are already dead. But usually people lay traps and when they have an animal they want, they would either beat them, strangle them, poison, or even electrocute them just to get their fur. Up to 50% of trapped animals are 'useless animals' including (MORE)

Why should you use animal fur?

You should use animal fur because it keeps you warm. Another view: In recent years, more and more people have come to believe that animal fur should not be used. It is cruel, selfish and inhumane to kill and animal for the sole purpose of using its fur for fur coats, and even more cruel is the m (MORE)

Does animal die when their fur is taken for fur coats?

Yes, animals do die whenever their fur is taken for fur coats. The animal is killed then skinned and their fur is made into coats, hats, gloves, etc. Animals like sheep, alpacas, and llamas are the only animals who are not killed before their wool is taken to be made into clothes.

Why is animal fur good to use?

Because animal fur keeps you warm in cold weather that's why animals don't get cold in the winter .They have their fur to help them.

Why does an animals fur coat last for many years?

this is because there hair is achilly realy long it is just dug in very far and takes a long time to fall out as you would expect. . also their hair grows realy fast it takes like one day for their hair to grow to its full lenth.

What are the claws teeth and fur of the animal used for?

The claws of animal's are used for defending their selves/self when they are threatened by another animal or a human. Their teeth are used for eating their food. And their fur is for their body covering so that they will not feel cold and always stay warm. But, they can be used for fur coats that we (MORE)

Why do animals have thick coats of fur?

So they can stay warm when it's cold, and vice versa, and to protect themselves from predators if they're smaller (it won't penetrate their skin and hurt as much, and they may escape without dying)

Why don't humans have fur like animals?

We have been, as a a speices, smart enough to make clothing longenough that we have evolved away from needing fur, now I just haveto worry about keeping it on top of my head.