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From mythology, Greece, is named Hellas.
"Hellas" is the name that we Hellines (Greeks) use when referring to our country; in simpler terms, "Hellas" means "Greece" in Hellinika (Greek language).
ut how did we reach the point of using two completely different names for the same country? We have managed to gather information concerning the origin of the word "Greek", using as main reference the Dictionary of Hellenic Language by professor G. Babiniotis, a renowned linguist and scholar.
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The Hellines were first called "Γραικοί" ("Graeki" with the letter "G" pronounced "Y" as in "Yard") by the Illirians (present day Italians), when the former arrived in Italy from ancient Dodoni (city in Epirus, Greece) as colonists. According to another source, these colonists named Γραίοι or Γραίκοι ("Graii" or "Graeci"), came to Italy from Γραία ("Graia"), an ancient town in Viotia, Greece (maybe contemporary Tanagra) and founded a new Hellenic Colony there with the name Nea Polis (which means New City, later to become known as Napoli, or Naples in English). This was the very first time that the Latins came close to the Hellines (Greeks) and thus named them all "Graeci" after the citizens of Graia; and given that most modern European languages originate from Latin, the word "Graecus" became the root for all other respective names for Έλληνας and Ελλάς (Ελλάδα) ("Hellin" and "Hellas" or "Hellada"), e.g. Greek-Greece, Grec-Grèce, Grieche-Griechenland.
Later on, during the first Christian centuries, the word " Έλληνες" (Hellines) became a synonym to "heathen", in order to distinguish the followers of old faith from those of the new -official- religion, and along with Ρωμιοί ("Romii", originating from "Romans") and Ελλαδικοί (=of Greece), the name Γραικοί (Graeki) stayed in use until the foundation of the new Hellenic state in 1832AC. From that time on, the ancient terms Hellas and Hellines are used primarily in the interior of this small peninsula in South-East Europe to identify the country and its inhabitants, while the ones originating from Graeci remain in the vocabularies of the European languages.


What are the names of the gods of Ancient Greece?

Aphrodite . Apollo . Ares . Artemis . Athena . Demeter . Dionysus . Gaea . Hades . Hephaestus . Hera . Hermes . Hestia . Kronos . Persephone . Poseidon . Zeus The Olympians are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis and Hephaestu (MORE)

What is the most popular first name in Greece?

Answer 1 . Yannis? Stavros? I looked it up (http://www.lgpn.ox.ac.uk/publications/vol3a/topm_s.html) and came up with the name DionusioV. (Dipoytipv, I think) you might want to check your self though ;). . Answer 2 . Georgios, . Kostas, Konstantinos, Eleni, Panagiotis but to my opinio (MORE)

Name a Port in southern Greece?

A port in the southern part of Greece is Nafplio (Ναύπλιο), which was also the capital of Greece between 1828-1833.

Name of the southern area of Greece?

The name for the southern area of Greece is Peloponnesus. It is alarge peninsula. The Gulf of Corinth separates it from the northernpart o the country.

What is the name of Greece government?

Greece has a democracy. That is where you vote on things and you have alot of people in office rather than just one person. It is to prevent the rich from getting TOO MUCH power.

What are the names of the mountains in Greece?

Acarnanian Mountains . Aenos . Agia Dynati in Kefalonia . Agkistro . Aigaleo or Egaleo . Arachnaia . Artemissio Mountains . Aroania or Chelmos . Askio . Athamanika or Tzoumerka . Attavyros . Mount Athos . Chasia . Cholomon . Chortiatis . Cithaeron . Geraneia . Dik (MORE)

How did Greece get its name?

The name 'Greek' is in fact ancient as well, as the famousphilosopher Aristotelis verifies: " ...and she was not there forever, but after the cataclysm ofDeucalion, which occurred in the Hellenic area, in fact, in theancient Hellas, which was around Dodoni, and it changed many timesthe flow of Achel (MORE)

What is a name for ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece. But I'm guessing you already knew that. There were many Greek city-states, the most known and studied ones include: ATHENS and SPARTA. There were the Persian Wars, between Greece and Persia that first unified the Greeks, and the Pelopennisian Wars between the Sparta and Athens, (a Gr (MORE)

How do you get to Greece?

Greece is located in the south-east landscape of Europe.The most popular ways you can get to Greece by plane,by ship,by train or by car.

What is the official name for Greece?

The official name of "Greece" in the Greek language is "HELLENIKI DIMOKRATIA REPUBLIKA" (Greek Democratic Republic) , or simply "Hellas" (Greece) for short.. The "H" is silent.

What is another name for Greece?

Another name is Hellas . Greeks write their country's name: Ελλάδα The Hellenic Republic is the official name in English.

Name of the kingdom north of Greece?

North of the ancient Greek kingdoms of Macedonia and Epirus(Greece) were the foreign kingdoms of Paeonia, Dardania to thenorth and to the west Illyria.

Where does the marathon get its name from in ancient Greece?

In the 5th century B.C., the Persians invaded Greece. The Battle of Marathon was the final battle that forced the Persians back out of Greece. Legend says that afterwards a man ran the 26.3 miles to Athens to declare victory and dropped dead.

What are some names of girls from ancient Greece?

Athena: Greek Goddess of wisdomAphrodite: Greek Goddess of beautyHera: Greek Goddess of children and marriageArtemis: Greek Goddess of huntingHestia: Greek Goddess of the hearthDemeter: Greek Goddess of grainPandora: the first woman formed out of clay by the gods.

What are the names OS the oceans in Greece?

There are no oceans 'in' Greece, it is part of a landmass. It is not surrounded by any oceans, but is surrounded by various parts of the Mediterranean Sea. Check it out on a map and you will see what I mean.

What is the name of the current leader of Greece?

The current prime minister of Greece is Kostas Karamantis and the President of the Republic (mainly with protocolary tasks) is Karolos Popoulias. Nevertheless Karamantis is currently facing a deep problem of social unrest tha could make fall his governement.

What is old name of Greece?

Hellas. That is what the Greeks called it, and they called themselves Hellenes (after their traditional founder Hellen. The word is still in use today).. The word Greek arose when the Romans were penetrating the Italian peninsula. They ran into a tribe called the Graeci, then the Hellenes who had e (MORE)

What is the ancient name for Greece?

Ancient Greece was divided into city-states. Each city acted as its own country. But they referred to themselves as Hellenes, and to the territory as Hellas.

How Greece got the name Greece?

The word Greek was used from the Latins. According to Mythology, it comes from Graekon, son of Defkalion and Pandora. Aristotle mentions that they were living in Greece and later were named Hellines. Hellas is the formal name of the country and Hellenas is the name for a Greek. It is used from 100 (MORE)

Is Theiler a northern Greece name?

Don't know if there is a Theiler clan in northern Greece. . For sure there is one originating from a Town called Entlebuch in Switzerland.

Where does the name of the country Greece came from?

Homer, in the Odyssey uses a name for certain Greek tribes of the period, Graichei, or Graikei. This is an approximate transliteration of the Greek. This ancient name for a sub-group of the Greeks (who actually refer to themselves as Hellenes), was taken up and used by westerners to refer to the who (MORE)

What were popular names in ancient Greece?

Names were often a compound of two words, one part of which mightbe a god/goddess. A popular beginning was Aristo- (good) with a following part suchas phanes (appearing) hence the comedy playwright Aristophanes. And Aristotle the philosopher (=best purpose). Also Cleopatra the last queen of Egypt (c (MORE)

What does greece have?

Not to be mean but maybe you should use a textbook 9if ur in school) or go to the library

What are pretty girl names in Greece?

Aunna Cuz My Friend Is From Greece And Her Name Is Aunna. I Just Think Its Flat Out Beautiful And Well Actually SHE WAS BORN THERE! Lol well she changed it to ashley though......sad sad sad XD ......yea so thts my opinion/awnser

Who gave the name Greece to Greece?

The Romans. The greek colony of Graecia located in south Italy was the first to comunicate with the Romans and so the Romans named the whole nation out of the citizens of that Colony. Greeks called (and still calling) themselves 'Hellenes'.

What is Greece named for?

i do not really know, after some founding fathers i guess, back in 5,000 bc. our ansectors must have found greece.

What was the name of Greece before was called Greece?

The name "Greece" is the English name for the country, the Greek name for the country (the original one) is "Helinika" (this is obviously not in the greek language but i made it as easy to pronounce as i could)

What was the name of the money in Greece?

Greece uses the Euro (symbol '€'), and has done since the start of the Euro in 2002. In the Greek alphabet the Euro is spelled 'ευρώ'. On Euro banknotes the name is written in capitals as "ΕΥΡΩ". The subdivision (the cent), is known as ''λεπτά", pro (MORE)

What is the name of money on Greece?

Greece uses the Euro (symbol '€'), and has done since the start of the Euro in 2002. In the Greek alphabet the Euro is spelled 'ευρώ'. On Euro banknotes the name is written in capitals as "ΕΥΡΩ". The subdivision (the cent), is known as ''λεπτά", pro (MORE)

What is the name of Greece money called?

Greece uses the Euro (symbol '€'), and has done since the start of the Euro in 2002. In the Greek alphabet the Euro is known as 'ευρώ'. On Euro banknotes then name is written in capitals as "ΕΥΡΩ ". The subdivision (the cent), is known as '' λεπτά", p (MORE)

What where the names for the largest warships in ancient Greece?

The standard warship of the Greek cities of the 5th Century BCE wasthe Trireme, which had three banks of overlapping oars on bothside, each manned by a single rower. There were 180 rowers, someseamen and some marines - all up about 200. Modern replicas up tofull size have been produced. In subseque (MORE)