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Why was the domino theory an influential part of us foreign policy?

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The Domino Theory was the thought that if a country fell to Communism other countries would as well. Just like dominoes one after the other they fall.
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In the US who carries out foreign policy?

Foreign policy is carried out by the President and the various government agencies working under his direction, which includes the military, the CIA, the ambassadors and embas

Who is responsible for the foreign policy of the US?

The Secretary of State and the President. But ultimately it ought to be the people (and I mean people, not corporate business interests) because we elect the President and Sen

Because of the Domino Theory what kind of foreign policy did the US have?

The domino theory supported an interventionist foreign policy. The US feared to allow any single nation to become communist since that was expect to lead to a whole series of

What are the goals of the US in foreign policy?

During President Obama's speech on the Middle East he stated that that the priorities of the US were to ensure economic stability in various regions, support the spread of dem