Why was the statue built in new york and US built?

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The Statue of Liberty is a long-standing symbol of freedom and friendship on American soil. It was built by the French to commemorate America's independence from Great Britain, and stands as a source of inspiration, admiration and intrigue for people around the world.
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When was New York City built?

It was built after the Duke of York retrieved the land we call New York today from the Dutch. It started as a small town and slowly grew from then on.

When was the Broadway theatre in New York built?

The Broadway Theatre in New York was built in 1924 and opened onChristmas Day. It was originally called B.S. Moss's Colony Theatre.It operated under many different names befor

Why was New York built?

In 1624, New York City was built by the Dutch as a trading post andwas called New Amsterdam. It came under English rule in 1664 andwas named for the Duke of York, who later be

Who built New York City?

A Dutch settler named Peter Stuyvesant founded New Amsterdam in the colony of New Netherland (1647 - 64) which he surrendered to the English in 1664. The English renamed it Ne

Why did the Statue of Liberty built in New York?

It wasn't built in New York. It was actually shipped there in pieces from Paris. That's why it's green: it's made of copper, but the salt from the ocean while it was being shi

Who built the New York bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge, located in New York City, was built by John A. Roebling Sons Company. Construction began in 1870, but the bridge was not complete until 1883.