Why would there be hot water coming from the tub faucet but not from the shower head?

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The mixing valve is messed up...It's easier to fix than figure out.
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Why would there be no hot water coming from your shower?

Answer . There could be a lot of reasons. Hot water entry point clogged, hot water heater out, Hot water line broke or not hooked up. If this problem has only happened sinc

What would be the cause of no flow of hot water to the shower via the head and faucet when cold water flows to the faucet?

Answer It could be a blocked pipe or a damaged valve. Do you get hot water in other areas of the house? If not, check the valve on the water heater. If other parts of the hou

Why would hot water be coming out of the hot and cold faucets?

\n. \n HOT WATER PROBLEMS \n. \n. \nYOUR HOT WATER TANK NEEDS TO BE REPLACED\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be cross connected, I would turn on any faucet, then

Only cold water comes out of shower hot water faucet?

I have just the opposite problem.. I'm only getting very hot water coming out of shower head.. What I've been reading is it's most likely the mixing valve/anti-scalding valve

Why does water come out of the shower head while you are filling the tub from the spout with warm water?

4 BRAND NEW tub and shower combos units installed later.........I FIXED IT! I asked EVERYONE from certified master plumbers, 3 different fixture companies, to the know all,

Why won't hot water come out of the shower when it comes out of every other faucet and tub?

The single most likely reason would be buildup of rust or calcium particles in the valves and inlet. Many showers have a one-handle arrangement wherein the handle controls mov