Will eating comet harm a unborn child?

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After it harms the mother, it probably would make the baby very sick.
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Will a fever harm your unborn child?

will scarlet fever harm an unborn child, if so, what is the worst case scenerio. How bad does scarlet fever effect the normal adult?

Can running harm an unborn child?

No. An unborn child can run all it wants.. See discussion page for answers about "Can a pregnant woman run without harming her fetus?".

What harm smoking do to an unborn child?

There is one thing I would say...... . If you eat an apple and half goes to the baby that means if you smoke half of that goes to the babys lungs. . more info..... . When y

Can antibody in an unborn child harm the mother?

Immune system in a fetus is not well developed. And as such it is less likely and very less harmful for the mother to have damage from antibody from the fetus. Never the less

Can cannabis harm your unborn child?

Medical doctors will tell you no because it hasn't been tested on pregnant women. I can only speak from my experience. I used cannabis during pregnancy and am still during bre
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Does weed harm the unborn child?

While there are no conclusive studies done on the subject, it is conjectured that marijuana used during pregnancy may cause chemical addiction, low birth weight, neurological
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How can smoking harm an unborn child?

It can cause deformities and metal probems or the child when it is born. If the mother has been smoking an adictive drug like cannabis then the child will be born adicted to t