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Will there be a series 4 of the BBC's Robin Hood in 2010?

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The BBC has axed Robin Hood, ending months of speculation about the show's future.

Please, I beseech each and every fan to sign and show BBC we want more! The story is not finished.

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What will happen in series 3 of BBC's Robin Hood?

  This is just what i think...     I think that Marian and Robin have faked her death and have left Will and Djaq to look after her while she heals. Robin might

WHEN does series 3 of BBC's Robin Hood come out?

Robin Hood series 3 starts on the 28th March at 6.50pm in the UK. But the series will start on May 30th, for the USA. I think that might explain why the official site only all

Who will play robin in BBC Robin Hood series 3?

Robin hood on BBC is played by Jonas Armstrong and he will  continue to play that role     However, Jonas Armstrong will not be on season 4.   Neither will Keit

In BBC's Robin Hood does Isabella marry prince John?

  Well, I'm not sure but in fact John of England married twice. First to Isabel of Gloucester and later to Isabella of Anguleme. Robin Hood Isabella's could be the first o

Will there be a fourth series of Robin Hood?

Answer 1: A Fourth Series hasn't been comissioned and looks unlikely after poor ratings unlike the series opener which got an impressive 6.20 million. Fingers crossed for a fo

Will there be a series 4 of the BBC's Robin Hood i?

There is a possibility that there will be a Series 4 of Robin Hood. Though Robin was killed by a poisoned blade, Archer could take the lead and lead Robin's gang and like they