Wo ist das Kraftstoffpumpenrelais beim Pontiac Firebird?

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Das Kraftstoffpumpenrelais beim Pontiac Firebird befindet sich unter der Fußauflage auf der Fahrerseite. Man muss die vier Schrauben entlang des Türeinstiegs entfernen um Zugriff zu bekommen.
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What happened to the Pontiac Firebirds and when will Pontiac continue making the Firebird?

Answer . What happened to Firebirds is that they were outsold by Ford Mustangs and didn't give Pontiac a big enough market share in the segment. In other words, the bean-counters killed it. It will come back when someone comes up with a concept that they can convince Pontiac management will make (MORE)

Where is the 1997 Pontiac firebird alarm?

the horn is behind the passenger side head light near the car battery.. and the alarm sensativity ajuster is on the passenger side of the trunk behind the spare tire.

Can you dual out a 95 Pontiac firebird?

you can only use the single in and dual muffler on the rear to get dual exhaust.there is no way to use true dual pipes under the car.the floor pan is to low and they cant cross the rear axle.....

Was ist das?

" What is that ! " is the maening of this common German exclamation.. meaning what is that ^o^

How do you supercharge a 1987 Pontiac firebird?

Contact a company called, B&M. They have a kit for that car, however, I would urge you to investigate turbocharging. More power, for the buck. When building a car, especially in this economy, you should weigh your dollars spent, verses horsepower gained, or "effectiveness" or money spent. For exampl (MORE)

Wo ist das Schlossmuseum?

Nearly every "Schloss" ( Castle or Stately home ) has a museum. That makes a simple answer impossible. When asked about a specific "Schlossmuseum" an answer would be forthcoming.

How fast is a Pontiac firebird?

it smokes 80 percent of the cars out there 3.4L runs 13 seconds 1/4 mile 3.8L runs 10 Seconds 1/4 mile and a 5.7L runs 8 seconds 1/4 mile my 1999 ran a 15 sec 1/4 mile and i didnt stage up so... i dont know what it would run if i staged. i have hit 120 mph though.

Will they ever remake the Pontiac Firebird?

Bob Lutz (vice chairman of GM global product development) says No, only the Camaro will be returning for 2009. My solution Get rid of Lutz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back the firebird!!!

What is a Pontiac Firebird Esprit?

A trim package offered in the 1970-1981 firebirds. Was one level up from the base firebird, offered a delux interior, ect. Was not a performance option.

Wo ist das geschenk?

The German phrase "Wo ist das Geschenk?" translates as "Where is the present" or "Where is the gift?"

Pontiac firebird won't start?

if it cranks but wont start it may be the coil. if it doesnt crank check the battery , cables and wires. then if no check the starter. try squeezing some gas through were the injectors /carb shoot the gas if it starts its your fuel pump. well what happend till it didnt start?

How do you know if your Pontiac is a formula firebird?

first of all you can tell by your vin number and plus formulas where set with lt1 305's No 350's and just pop the hood should read sfi 5.7 liter on the engine and if it wasn't painted the formula should have formula painted on rear bumper plus base formula and ta have different taillights. That an (MORE)

How do you do brakes on a 1995 Pontiac Firebird?

Just push on the pedal with your foot (although either will work, the right one will probably be your safest bet). Almost exactly the same as you do the gas, but with the brakes, you'll slow down or stop completely, depending on the length and pressure you apply.

What is the curb weight of Pontiac firebird?

3650lbs w/302 cu. & 350 cu. For 1st Gen. (1967-1969) 3850 lbs w/455 or 6.6 For 2nd Gen. (1970-1981) 3250 lbs w/5.7 v8 & 3050 lbs w/2.8 v6 & 2985 lbs w/ 2.5 4 cyl For 3rd Gen. (1982-1992) 3185 lbs w/3.4 or 3.8 v6 & 3440 lbs w/ls1 & 3284 lbs w/Lt (MORE)

Where to get a key for a 1978 Pontiac firebird?

If you do not have one to copy, then a locksmith can make one from scratch, or, replace the lock, as the new one will have a key. A wrecking yard ought to be able to help you save a couple bucks on one.

How do you hotwire a 94 Pontiac firebird?

The key system works like this: when you turn the key, a rod runs down the column, to a switch on top of the column, under the dash. This switch then activates various things. If you pull the plug off of that switch, with 2 jumper wires, you can jump accross the plug, and start the car, without dama (MORE)

Where is the starter on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird?

I'm not sure about a 1999 but on my 1994 I had to replace the starter and it was almost right in the center of the car just a little to the passenger side. On it, if you don't know much about cars, you could just follow the exhaust pipes and it should be right above them.

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It'sbasically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

What does this mean in German das ist?

das ist literally translates to 'that is' you woudl not use it on its own but in a sentance. i.e. Das ist super! That ist super! or Das ist mein hund. That is my dog

What does you da wo-man mean?

it means you are half man half women i have been stuck on your mom for ages and just relisied she was a wo-man so if this is any help ask your mum to lick her vigina and see if you can tell but also your mum is still good at having sex and giving bjs so just tell her i will be around later

Was ist das Schulbiologiezentrum?

to answer this question, let's divide the words into different parts. das=the Schul=School biologie=biology zentrum=center So, in the end, das Schulbiologiezentrum translated into English is the School Biology Center.

What is the symbol on a Pontiac firebird called?

\n. It's never had an official "name", many just call it the "bird" - in the late 70s/early 80s due to its immense hood decal it was sometimes referred to as the "screaming chicken", or sometimes "puking chicken"

Wo ist mein Grundstück?

If the question is, "How do you say 'wo ist mein Grundstück' in English," then the answer is "Where is my property." If the person asking the question is messing around and wants one of us to guess where his/her property is, I'd say they went to the wrong site, since Answers.com is an English spe (MORE)

Does Pontiac still make the Firebird?

No. General Motors, or to be more specific, the Pontiac division of General Motors ceased production of the Pontiac Firebird model in 2002. The Pontiac division itself became defunct in 2010.

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