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You are currently 17 and would like to be adopted by an aunt which you have lived with since you were six with minimal contact to your mother is it possible to be adopted without her consent?

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What if you are trying to reverse an adoption without the adoption parents consent?

  You're going to need to do a few things, and most likely a LOT more than what I'm about to tell you but this will get you started.   * Get your own lawyer NOW. Make

Is it illegal to adopt a child without the parents consent?

  It is not illegal in certain cases to adopt a child without parent's consent. Being adopted at an older age, my parents had no consent who my adoptive parents were. My b

You are 17 adopted and living with your adoptive father in Michigan and your boilogical mother recently asked you to live with her are you legally able to move in with her without fathers consent?

  No, honey, and it doesn't matter which state you are in. Your biological mother has no jurisdiction in the matter and, in fact, has no more legal control over you than d

Can you still become adopted without parental consent?

That makes things much more difficult. All adoptions, whether through an agency or done privately, must be approved by a court. The adoptive parents must petition for approval

Can the mother place her child for adoption without the consent of the child's legal father?

In the US, no and yes. I believe Utah is the only state where the mother only have the obligation to notify the father of her decision but he can then seek custody and stop th