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Yes you can move to Arkansas with her consent. Since you are a minor and moves to another state your birth mom should have temporary custody so she can make medical decisions etc for you just in case something happens,

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Does Arkansas have legal separation?

Yes Arkansas does have legal will need to contact a lawyer!

How do you contact your adopted sisters?

You talk to them.

How do you start looking for your kids that was adopted in Georgia?

If they were adopted you must've signed papers so look at them and find the adoptive agency. Or try your medical journals. Unless the children are adults though, you are not allowed to contact them without their parents permission.

How many glasses of alcohol are you safe to drink and drive in Arkansas?

NONE ! It is NEVER safe to drink and drive ! If you mean how much alcohol are you allowed to have in your bloodstream and still be legally allowed to drive - the short answer is - contact your local police station and ask them !

Do grandparents still have rights if the child was adopted?

No. Grandparents don't have rights, only what the parents allow them to. If living in a state where grandparents have the right to petition for visitation, there is also no contact allowed if the child is adopted away. All ties are cut with the previous family.

Is there a company that would contact adopted biological family?


Is sexual contact allowed at male revues in Australia?

no its not allowed

Your Adopted 14 yr old will be 15 in may contacted you and says she wants contact with you but adopted mom says no?

I agree with the Adopted mother. She is dealing with a teen ager and wild hormones. (I hate you, I love you, etc.) The last thing she needs is for the birth mother to come into the picture at this point. She should be allowed to contact you when she becomes an adult and you will not interfere with the family. (The reason God created teen agers was to prepare parents for children to leave home.)

Does ringette still not allow body contact?

Well, body contact is allowed and a lot of it hapens but you are not allowed to body check.

What is the legal dating limit in Arkansas?

There are no dating limits. No state has such a law. There are laws regarding sexual contact and the age of consent is 16 in Arkansas.

Can a defendant have contact with family or friends during the trial?

Not if they are being held in custody. Then they are only allowed the normal contact allowed to all prisoners.

Is physical contact allowed in ultimate frisbee?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

Can the bioparent make contact with the adopted children when the oldest is 18at what age do the adopted children have to be for the bioparents to search?

Not just the oldest but each child has to be at least 18 before you are allowed to contact them. I would imagine contacting just the oldest when he is 18 and then not be allowed to talk to the others and just him, and he has to pretend he has not spoken to you, would be a mess. So wait until they are all 18. When the oldest turn 18 you can also contact the family. They might agree on you seeing them all but since they know their children better you really should work with them and listen to what they say so the best solution is reached.

Is it allowed in Football to have contact with goalkeeper in the air?

No it is not legal to have any contact with the goalkeeper.

You are currently 17 and would like to be adopted by an aunt which you have lived with since you were six with minimal contact to your mother is it possible to be adopted without her consent?


Are cops allowed to chase you if your on a motorcycle?

Yes police officers are allowed to chase you if you are on a motorcycle. But are not allowed to come in contact with the motorcycle .

What is the contact rule of netball?

The contact rule of netball is that you are not allowed any contact. If contact occurs then a penalty pass is awarded to the opposite team.

Can a adopted child go back to biological parents if he wants too?

Not as long as he is a minor. When 18 and emancipated he can do what he wants. When adopted you legally become a member of the new family and is no longer a member of the biological one. They are not allowed to search for you until you are 18 and you have to follow your new family's rules and if they say no to contact your biological family you have to follow that.

What is the difference between closed adoption and open adoption?

In an open adoption the birth parent(s) are allowed to visit and contact the child. The child may not know them as mom or dad but rather as aunt uncle or cousin. In a closed adoption the birth parents have no contact with the child what so ever. Also, in a closed adoption, the adoptive parents have the right not to tell the child they are adopted if that makes life easier. I was adopted in a closed adoption.

Are Collection Agencies allowed To Contact You On Sundays?


Is there contact allowed between players in basketball?


i am trying to find a boot camp for troubled teens in arkansas i am in crittenden county arkansas?

You can contact the parent help line at 888-305-6729 check

Can an adopted child bear his adopted father's name in his own passport by Muslim laws?

By Islamic law you can not be adopted, just raised by another family staying on contact with the biological one. I suggest you ask an Imam about this.

Can an adopted boy make his passport including his adopted father's name by Islamic laws?

By Islamic law you can not be adopted, just raised by another family staying on contact with the biological one. I suggest you ask an Imam about this.

How do you amend a death certificate in Little Rock Arkansas?

Contact the Vital Statistics Office who can help you out.

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