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You found an iphone but its locked how do you unlock it?

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Hold down the top lock button and the home button down until the apple sign comes up on ur phone, once this comes up release the lock button at the top but still hold the home button until the connect to iTunes screen comes up, once that screen comes up continue holding the home button and insert the iPhone cable to connect it to iTunes, once connected let go of the home button and iTunes will register the phone. Click restore phone, this takes a while but it takes the passcode etc off
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What is the best plan for an unlocked iPhone?

How to Unlock Any iPhones 6s Plus,6s-4  & iPads All Models by Official Factory Unlocking  Services  HI,here i Share my Best Experience with  Below Server They Provide Fast

Free jailbreaking and unlocking for the iPhone?

Jailbreak & Unlock - How To Jailbreak: Step 1. Update to 4.0.1 or download firmware below iPhone 3gs 4.0.1: http://appldnld.apple.com/iPhone4/061-8618.20100715.Zapn4/iPhone2,

When will iphone 4 unlock software be out?

No any Software for iPhone 4 new Version Unlocking But Other Solution is available 1) Unlock With Factory Unlocking Services 2) Unlock With Superior sim Ultra+ Links are

Where can you download irelease unlocker for the iPhone?

its got really hard to find since the developers of it decided to  make it private to prevent apple from patching but i managed to  download it from filepixy if that's any h

What is an unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is being able to use your iPhone with any carrier not just one carrier like AT&T in America.

What if you are locked outside your iPhone what do you do?

The only way to remove the password is to restore it. If you have not done a backup of your info on the device you will lose it all. what you need to do is connect the iPhone

I found one iphone on the street The iPhone is locked with security code I tried to restore it from itunes but it says that the phone is locked How can i open it Restore it or bypass the password?

You can restore it using itunes. You have to get the phone into  restore mode first. Open up itunes on your computer. Plug the usb  plug into the computer but dont plug in t

Is the iPhone unlockable?

The answer is yes. It is very easy to unlock iPhone nowadays.  Unlocking websites are everywhere, they are a great help. You can  also watch tutorial in YouTube to unlock it