Your husband says you are cheating every time you have financial argument?

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  • Spouses should work together on finances and each should know where the money is going. Spouses, if possible should try to save money for the future. If one spouse spends too much money on clothing; jewelry, etc., then they are being unfair to their spouse and not working within their budget. Any large amounts of money being spent on larger purchases should be discussed with the spouse. Each of you should get an allowance and stick to that allowance. As far as cheating only you know that and if he is falsely accusing you then communicate the fact that you are not cheating and if he keeps doing so then you should consider a marriage counselor as there is obvious some financial problems in your marriage putting stress on your husband.
Well technically that's threatening you and he shouldn't be able to get way with that, you need to stand up to him and say something along the lines of " I didn't marry you for you to threaten me or make my life a misery" what he is doing is completely out of order and non husband like ! Finance and marriage are completely separate things and he shouldn't confuse them or take out financial difficulties on you.
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I am not married but I had gone thru similar situation before, that was my ex-fiance, I think if a man can't handle an argument graciously with either his wife/gf, he needs to

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\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYour husband is securing his financial future without any concern for yours. Watch out or you'll get screwed in the divorce.\n. \n Answer

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You can't make anybody do anything. It's all a matter of whether or not they want to apoligize. I say, if he cheated on you, leave him. That man does not deserve you. If you g
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