Your turn signal flasher behind the glove box keeps flashing and only goes off when you apply the brake pedal all signals and lights work how do you fix this?

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It's easy, just go to a gasoline station and ask them to check the blinker.
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Why will the turn signals work only if flashers are on but the flashers will not work at all?

The relay that handles the turn signals is separate from the relay that handles the hazards. Most likely you have a burned out turn signal relay. Most likely the relay is lo

How do you fix the problem of the brake lights and turn signals and emergency flashers not working when all fuses and bulbs are good?

%REPLIES% The WD40 solution I had the same problem on my 98 Grand Marquis. A Linclon Mercury mechanic told me the problem was most likely in the hazard flasher switch on top

What is wrong with your 2000 Pontiac Montana when you press the brake pedal and put on your turn signal the lights all alternately flash?

There is a ground fault in one of your wire connections into yourtaillight. It is usually a connector for your rear light assembly.Remove the plugs from the tail light assembl

What fuse controls the brake lights on a 2003 Grand Prix All lights and turn signals work except no brake lights when brake pedal is pushed?

I went to driving exam today and I am really prepared the testperson check everything my license, insurance, left right signaleven check my hand signal however she noticed tha

When you turn on your headlights in your 1997 freightliner century your driver side marker lights brighten and wont flash if you signal left but when lights are off all signals and brake lights work?

Did you replace these with LED bulbs, by chance? If so, you need toadd resistors to the wiring in order for them to function properly.LEDs draw much less amperage than incande