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How do you get into the acting?

So you want to become a Thespian! Welcome. There are basically two things you need, the mindset and the acting itself. The most basic is the acting itself. This is fairly eas (MORE)

What is the Terasoff Act?

  if you are referring to the landmark Tarasoff case, this is what your answer would be. The Tarasoff Act basically mandates that mental health professionals have a lega (MORE)

How do you act?

  first you learn your lines then you try with out the script then you practice with your friends when you go to practice with the real people then you do the real play or (MORE)

What is act?

The ACT test is a standardized exam taken by more than one and one-half million students each year. It measures knowledge and skills in English, Math, Reading, and Science. Th (MORE)
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How the Jews act?

People are individuals they do not collectivly act the same way just because they are part of the same religion. Jews live in many different countries, I have known jews who a (MORE)