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What is the Airbus A380?

The newest and biggest passenger airplane so is a four engined double decker passenger plane
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About airbus a 340?

It's a four-engine wide-body long-range commercial passenger airliner manufactured by airbus. seats between 261-380 passengers. similar to the A330. I got all this info. from (MORE)

What is airbus?

\nAirbus is an airplane manufacturer and designer based in Toulouse, France. They manufacture many airplanes, and are famous for their family of jet airliners. They currently (MORE)

What does airbus mean?

The Airbus company is a manufacturer of aircraft in Toulouse, France. If you were looking for a dictionary definition, airbus means "a short-range or medium-range commercia (MORE)

Who builds the airbus?

Airbus is a subsidiary of EADS (the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Compay) which was a consortium of several European aero-space companies until a 2001 merger which bro (MORE)

How profitable is Airbus?

In the financial year 2008, Airbus had a Net Income (aka, Profit) of €1.597 billion ($2.167 bn US Dollars).
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What is the Airbus made of?

The Airbus, like all modern aircraft, is made of a great many materials. Aluminium is possibly the greatest, but with steel, titanium, copper, many plastics and rubber all bei (MORE)
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Who made Airbus and why?

Airbus was establish on the 18th of December 1970 as a merge between Aerospatiale (France) and Deutsche Aerospace (Germany). Later on CASA from Spain (1971) and British Aerosp (MORE)
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Will there be a airbus a390?

Airbus has announced that there will be one that meansBeoing will have to build more aircraft because Airliners will buythis aircraft.