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Why is ancient Rome a significant ancient civilization?

This can be seen in the  legacies of the Romans in religion, the alphabet, language, the  calendar, law, architecture and literature.   Christianity developed  from a r (MORE)

What did Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece have in common?

Both the Romans and the Greeks had polytheist religions. The  commonalities between the two were created through the the Romans  being influenced by the Greeks. The Roman el (MORE)

What did they have in ancient Rome?

They had many achievements. Like aqueducts and a new system of  laws. they also set up a system of walkways and roads. They were  one of the past's many over achieved empire (MORE)

How was Ancient Rome different from Ancient Greece?

There were many way in which ancient Greece and ancient Rome were different, but one of the most important differences was one of unity. The Greeks had Their city-states which (MORE)

Who was the first emperor of ancient Rome?

  The first emperor of Rome was Augustus. As Rome's first emperor, Augustus transformed the unruly Republic into the greatest empire the world had ever seen. His consolida (MORE)

How are ancient Greece and ancient rome different?

Ancient Greece was made up of many city-states that formed a nation, but Rome was an empire, they conquered most of Europe, while the ancient Greeks remained in their city sta (MORE)

How was ancient Rome influenced by ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks are well known not only for their cultural achievements but in their sailing and navigational abilities, as well as their (primarily defensive) military str (MORE)
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Why did slavery stop in ancient Rome?

Slaves in ancient Rome, like in the rest of  the ancient world, were primarily enslaved war captives. When  Rome's wars of expansion ended, the supply of new slaves swindled (MORE)

Is Ancient Rome Ancient Romania?

No. ancient Rome and ancient Romania were two vastly different places. Ancient Rome was in Italy on the Tiber river. Ancient Romania, was called Dacia in the times we are talk (MORE)