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Are Andrew and Dale Carnegie related?

Answer Yes, they were distant cousins but did not know each other.  Andrew "carNAYgee" was the entrepreneur who became the richest man  in America and then gave away all but (MORE)

What project did Andrew Carnegie fund?

  social/educational funds: the carnegie institute of technology(a technically oriented university) , the carnegie library system(a lending library) , and the carnegie mus (MORE)

How did Andrew Carnegie became successful?

Carnegie became successful through a combination of hard work, intensive efforts at self-education, a bit of luck in finding an excellent mentor, efficient management, making (MORE)

Who is Andrew Carnegie?

Andrew Carnegie was one of the wealthiest men during the 1800's, he revolutionized the steel industry during the era of railroad expansion. He was rich. This was because he ha (MORE)

Where was Andrew Carnegie born?

Andrew Carnegie was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetary in Tarytown, New York   The question is where was he BORN?   Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland.   (MORE)

What is Andrew Carnegie accomplishments?

- World's greatest philanthropist - After 1873 he buildt a steel empire that by the turn of the century produced more steel than all of Great Britain. - When he retired in 190 (MORE)