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Where did Andy Warhol train?

  At the School of Fine Arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.
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Why did Andy Warhol get shot?

In 1968 Andy Warhol was shot in the chest by Valerie Solanas, the author of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto - the initials standing for the Society for Cutting up Men. She said he had (MORE)

What colors did Andy Warhol use?

  As a founder of Pop Art he used saturated colors-reds,blues,yellows--as one would find in comic books or advertisements. He was also was a big fan of silver, and covered (MORE)

What type of schooling did Andy Warhol have?

  He studied commercial art at the School of Fine Arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology.
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Did Andy warhol have any tattoos?

yes he did, upon his chest he had a tattooed loveheart surrounded by barb wire, inside the love heart was the name Ulja, which was presumably his mother