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Why was Arizona named Arizona?

Its named a Arizona because the Indians first had the land and named it Arizonac which is little spring. Then we took the land and called it Arizona.

What was the USS Arizona?

The USS Arizona was one of our battleships that was sunk at Pearl  Harbor, Hawaii December 7, 1941 at the start of the war with Japan.  A surprize early morning sneak attack (MORE)

What are crops of Arizona?

The state of Arizona has 7.5 thousand farms and ranches. Some of  its major crops are lemons, tangerines, lettuce, oranges, and  cauliflower. Additional major crops produced (MORE)

What Arizona is bordered by?

The great state of Arizona is bordered by the country of Mexico to the south, California and Nevada to the west, the state of New Mexico and Colorado to the east, and the stat (MORE)
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Is Arizona ice tea from Arizona?

yes in fact meaning no Arizona Iced Tea is based in New York. It was founded in 1992 in Brooklyn by former New York City beer distributors; the company says the founders bor (MORE)

What is the climate in Arizona?

its always mild in Arizona. I mean like the temperature is usually 70 to 90 degrees outside. Sometimes it can be 100 some and very rare it will be 50 below. its desert like an (MORE)
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Are there plateaus in Arizona?

There are six plateaus in Arizona. The Coconino Plateau is found  south of the Grand Canyon. The Datil-Mogollon Section is part of  the larger Colorado Plateau. The Defiance (MORE)

What is Arizona landmarks?

There are 9 in total. Barringer Meteor Crater, Canelo Hills, Comb Ridge, Grapevine Mesa, Kaibab Squirrel Area, Onyx Cave (Arizona), Patagonia-Sonoita Creek, Ramsey Canyon, Wil (MORE)