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By the water of Babylon?

Does anyone know what the unopenable door was? Some say it was a safe, but I think it was an elevator.
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Who ruled Babylon?

Babel was built 2240bc Nov 18 Noah's year 732 which is 132x 360 days and so 130 years after the Flood 2370bc. For 346 years babel had no king, but rather when kings were being (MORE)
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Where is Babylon?

It's in Iraq, south of Baghdad. The modern name is "BABIL". [Location: Baghdad is at 33degrees 20 Minutes North & 44degrees 23 Minutes East, and Babylon is at 32degrees 28 M (MORE)
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Why is Babylon important?

That would depend on your context. In the Old Testament Babylon was the empire which overthrew the Nation of Judah. This was a punishment for Judah turning from God's command (MORE)
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Who defeated Babylon?

The Persians went in without resistance when the Babylonian king died. The Babylonian queen was the Medean king's daughter. They did that to bring peace to the kindom.
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What is a Babylon?

A country and a movie An ancient city in Mesopotamia, which gave its name to the surrounding region (Babylonia)
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Who are stargazers of Babylon?

the stargazers of Babylon is the 11th Dynasty of Babylon which is CHALDEAN,,... thanks.... Dianne Concepcion of II-Abraham..
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Is Babylon a virus?

Babylon is not a virus but is considered as aPotentially-Unwanted-Program (PUP). It is usually bundled with someprograms like those music downloading programs or some otherdow (MORE)
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What is the hanging of Babylon?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Built by Nebuchadnezzar the second who ruled 605 to 652 BC. The gardens were destroyed by earthq (MORE)
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Why is Babylon modern?

He coded laws in an order of fashion for the first time in history as far as we know. That was significant.