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What is Betelgeuse?

The star Betelgeuse (or "beetlejuice") is a Type M red supergiant in the constellation Orion. It is pronounced "bet- L (like the letter L) -geese," meaning armpit of the giant (MORE)

How hot is Betelgeuse?

  It is hard to know for sure but it is thought to be about 3500°C or 6332°F.  
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Who discovered Betelgeuse?

  Like most bright stars, humans have been able to see Betelgeuse for as long as humans have been around, so nobody could be said to have discovered it.  
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How was Betelgeuse formed?

It was probably formed, like other stars, by the gravitational  collapse of a "stellar nebula".   Betelgeuse is an old star now, a red "supergiant". It would have  been (MORE)
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How do you pronounce Betelgeuse?

I've heard it pronounced two ways: 1. Beetle-jooz (as in the movie character) 2. BATL-geez (with a long flat a, as in "wade") It is pronounced ba tle guese

What are facts about Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse is the eighth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the constellation of Orin. It is classified as a Red Giant. Astronomers believe that (MORE)

Why is Betelgeuse red?

Betelgeuse is red because of it's temperature. This color is because Betelgeuse is a red giant star that has used up it's hydrogen fuel so now the star is expanding as it co (MORE)
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Where is Betelgeuse?

It is in the Orion constellation, and its about 640 light-years away from Earth. It is the second brightest star in the constellation, and the eighth brightest star in our nig (MORE)