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Where is Bethlehem?

The city of Bethlehem is located in Palestine in the south of the city of Jerusalem.
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Is Bethlehem in Egypt?

ANSWER: There might be a Bethlehem in Egypt, but  the Bethlehem writtern about in the Bible is in  Israel. It is located approximately 5 miles south of Jerusalem.  King Dav (MORE)
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Where is Bethlehem now?

Bethlehem is in the West Bank section of the Israeli Occupied Territorial Area (IOTA), generally known as the "Occupied Territories". As Israel has never formally annexed the (MORE)
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Is Bethlehem in Jerusalem?

Bethlehem is a city located in the Palestinian West Bank and is not part of the city of Jerusalem. Bethlehem is known as the birthplace of Jesus.

Why is Bethlehem important?

Because it is the city where Christianity started by the birth of Jesus Christ. Because it is the city where David "The King of Judea" was born in it. Because it is the city (MORE)

In what modern is Bethlehem?

People are very nice, wearing very nice, there is the majority of the Palestinian Christians in this city, you can find 2 or 3 Disco Tequas ( Cosmos, Intercontinental, Cheers (MORE)

What is bethlehemes nickname?

Bethlehemes is a custom in Central Europe. Around Christmas and especially at Epiphany young people go from house to house, receive treats. They are dressed as the three wise (MORE)