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Did Billie Holiday have a family?

only thing we kno is that billie holiday only had a husband and we  are not sure if she had kids    Well, I'm Billie holidays great granddaughter and yes she had  fam (MORE)

What was the signifincance of Billie Holiday?

\n. \nBillie Holiday's significance was her voice and the way they made her song's great. Billie Holiday had a great voice and demonstrated her passion for singing in every s (MORE)

What are 5 facts about Billie Holiday?

She changed her name to Billie Holiday because of her admiration for film Grandfather was a slave. She was only 13 years younger then her mother. She went to jail for skipping (MORE)

Was billy holiday biracial?

.    The full-lineage of late singer, Billy Holiday, was that of being  Mixed-Race via the fact that she was from a family that had   been of a continually Multi-G (MORE)

Why was Billie Holiday worth knowing about?

She sang in a way that no other African American sang. She was the best wrapper/singer in the history of black singers. She opened the eyes of mostNegroes and turned their liv (MORE)

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