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How was Billie holiday an activist?

It depends on what you mean by "activist". Like many black artists of her era, Billie Holiday suffered a significant amount of racial prejudice. However, given her personal de (MORE)

Was Billie Holiday a prostitute?

Billie Holiday was recruited into a brothel in the 1930's after moving to Harlem, New York to live with her mother. So yes, she was a prostitute. But that didn't last long, sh (MORE)

Was billie holiday a good person?

Billie is a good girl and we all learned that some how. But before herself was even a singer she has done some naughty thing like take heroin and i am just a fith grader but i (MORE)

What is a famous song by Billie Holiday?

  Billie Holiday is famous for many songs, and most well known for singing the Blues. A good example of a Blues that she sings is Fine and Mellow - there is a good youtu (MORE)

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Was billy holiday of mixed blood?

Yes both of her parents who mixed, so yes billie would have been mgm, mixed race lady, both of her parents are light skinned,curly hair light eyed people, so its safe to say b (MORE)