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What is microbial biodiversity?

My library | Sign in. About this book Preview this book. Microbial Biotechnology . By Alexander N. Glazer, Hiroshi Nikaido. Page 1 . Knowledge in microbiology is grow (MORE)

What is loss of biodiversity?

Biodiversity means the variety of animal species of animals and plants living in an environment. Simply put, loss of it means that the amount of species in a region is decreas (MORE)

What are threats to biodiversity?

Well, biodiversity means, variety of all living things, so humans are threats to almost every animal..... but animals like lions and tigers are threats to other animals, just (MORE)

What can you do about biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. The question "What can you do about biodiversity?" is not clearly worded. What can you do about the variety of languages, or mo (MORE)

What is biodiversity and how is it measured?

I am studying BIODIVERSITY in school, Biodiversity is lots of things to do with nature and stuff. It can mean from the circle of life, food chain, how things biodegrade and (MORE)

Why is Biodiversity celebrated?

Because it is good edit: Biodiversity is to an ecosystem what variety is to evolution. Without biodiversity, a single disaster could wipe out the whole ecosystem. This is d (MORE)

Why biodiversity necessary?

because without biodiversity species will not interact.india is the mega biodiversity centres in the world.biodiversity is the variety and differences among living organisms.