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What is calcium?

Calcium is a fairly reactive metal (and thus not found in metallic  form in nature). The most commonly found calcium compound is  calcium carbonate, which makes up limestone (MORE)

How do you get calcium?

From drinking milk, and eating other dairy products such as cheeze and yogurt. Actually, dairy products are very bad for you. It is best to get your calcium from plants, pro (MORE)

What does calcium do?

Calcium in the diet is necessary for strong bones and teeth. It is  also used in blood clotting, nerve regulation, and muscle  contraction.    Calcium carbonate is a (MORE)

How can you get calcium?

  you get them from eating bread, drinking milk. It makes your bone strong. 99% of of calcium is used for your bone or teeth. The atomic number is 20 and the symbol is Ca. (MORE)

How do they get calcium?

from ores bone mealcrushed oyster shellscrushed clam shellscrushed limestoneetc. One has to be careful of the lead level in any of these if they are to be used in food.
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What is the calcium?

Calcium is a essential mineral for the human body. For complete informations about calcium, I advise you to open the related link below. Calcum is so important that it deserve (MORE)