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History of Calculus?

Calculus was start from the Greek Mathematicians. They started calculating the rise and run (slope) of curves and non straight lines. Zeno of Elea in 455 BC, discovered the c (MORE)

What is Calculus AB?

Calculus AB is a Calculus course taught in high schools based on an AP curriculum. The class is supposed to ultimately prepare a student to take the AP Calculus AB exam in May (MORE)

What is a derivative in calculus?

    When you take the derivative of a function, you are seeking a variation of that function that provides you with the slope of the tangent (instantaneous slope) at a (MORE)

What is calculus use for?

Up until calculus, you can essentially deal with functions of a constant slope (a straight line).  I.e.: y = 1/3x + 9.  We know the slope on that function is 1/3.  However (MORE)

What is calculus 1?

Traditionally, and in my learning experiences, calculus is taught in three stages, often referred to as Calculus I, Calculus II, and Calculus III (often shortened to Calc I, C (MORE)

What is black calculus?

Black calculus   According to this page on gums and gum disease from Britain.TV:   "A principal cause of gum disease is calculus. This is the hard, chalky material tha (MORE)

Who invented 'Calculus'?

  Who invented 'Calculus'?   Ans: Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz are credited with the invention of Calculus - independently.
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What is calculus and what does it have to do with?

Calculus is a branch of mathematics which came from the thoughts of many different individuals. For example, the Greek scholar Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) calculated the areas a (MORE)

What is difference between pre-calculus and calculus?

Simple answer: Calculus involves derivation and integration, precal doesn't. Pre calculus gives you some of the algebraic, geometric and trigonometric understanding that is (MORE)

What does calculus involve?

The mathematical field known as calculus studies rates of change. Calculus is interesting because it brings together most of the mathematical concepts that you learn before ta (MORE)