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Why was calculus created?

Calculus was created to solve problems in physics that could not be solved given the mathematical methods available at the time. One of my teachers said that Newton invented C (MORE)

How can you get into calculus?

Typically, the pre-requisite for calculus is algebra and trigonometry. These are usually universally required because you need these skills to actually do the mathematics of t (MORE)

When do you take calculus?

Calculus is commonly taken as a first year course in college, but can be taken as an advanced course late in high school through programs like AP Calculus.
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Who created calculus?

Elements of basic Calculus have been in development for several millenia, beginning in ancient Egypt. Many mathematicians have worked on the development of what we now know as (MORE)

What is advanced calculus?

Advanced Calculus means different things in different context. But in general there are only two different meanings. i) Multivariable and Vector Calculus, where instead of lo (MORE)

What is calculus and what does it have to do with?

Calculus is a branch of mathematics which came from the thoughts of many different individuals. For example, the Greek scholar Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) calculated the areas a (MORE)

Why is calculus interesting?

Calculus is interesting because it is incredible that human intelligence has discovered a way to solve a problem using a formula that can be repeated. Calculus is not necessar (MORE)

How does calculus apply to you?

All electronic devices would not exist without calculus. Engineers would be able to do nothing without calculus, which means everything that we have that we owe to engineers (MORE)

What is calculus 3?

Calculus III generally entails vector calculus, divergence and curl, and continuing study of integrals and derivatives. What is mainly studies, however, is the calculus of mul (MORE)

WHO definition of calculus?

The branch of mathematics that deals with the finding andproperties of derivatives and integrals of functions.
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