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What is capital?

The word capital is another word for money; or the machines, tools, and buildings used in the production of goods and services. "A capital" can be a capital letter (upper cas (MORE)
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When do you capitalize?

Capitals are used at the start of sentences, for proper names and proper nouns, titles of books, magazines, plays.
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When do you capitalize 'from'?

Never capitalize "from" in a title, unless it is the first or last word. "From" is a preposition, and prepositions of four letter or less are not supposed to be capitalized. (MORE)
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What are capitals?

Capital letters are UPPER CASE. Capitals are also cities where the governments of nations or states are located.
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When do you capitalize 'that'?

Only when it is the first word in a sentence or is part of something's name or title.
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When to capitalize?

At the beginning of a sentence or when using a name of a noun, and also when the word "I" is used.
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Why do you capitalize 'i'?

There really is no specific reason. We just capitalize "I" even though similar words such as "you," "he," and "we," are left lowercase.
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When do you capitalize i?

"I" is capitalized if it is the beginning letter of a name, for example the name of the country India. One must also capitalize "I" if her or she is using it to refer to himse (MORE)
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Do you capitalize on?

Not unless the word "on" begins a sentence. "On" is a preposition. In titles, prepositions should not be capitalized.
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Are who and was capitalized?

"Who" and "was" are not capitalized unless they are the first words of a sentence.