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How deep is The Caspian Sea?

Answer   The maximum depth of the Caspian Sea (a salt lake) is 3363 feet.   World Almanac and Book of Facts 2007     The Caspian Sea has a maximum depth of 3,3 (MORE)

Where is the Caspian Sea?

In Russia and the northern corner of Iran Between southeast Europe and western Asia. The Caspian Sea is located on the continental divide of Europe and Asia. It is the worl (MORE)

Can sharks live in the Caspian Sea?

yes, some species can to live and reproduce there.  but is question if somebody transported them from normal salt waters (like some other non-origin fish species currently li (MORE)

Caspian sea feeder?

Caspian Sea feeder is a crossword puzzle clue with three possible  answers as ural, uralriver and volgariver. The Caspian Sea is the  largest enclosed body of water on Earth (MORE)

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