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Who is Chad engaged to?

He's single, but looking. . He was however briefly engagement to Bruna Oliveria in 2008after dating for 5 years, but she wasn't the one, so they broke upin Fall 2008. Late 20 (MORE)
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Are the restaurants in Chad?

Well, Chad is a fairly sizeable country, probably bigger than mostAmerican states, it has a population of over 12 million people aswell - so, in short, yes. It is safe to say (MORE)
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Why is Chad an LEDC?

Chad is an LEDC because it is located far away from the ocean so it doesn't have access to ships to trade their natural resources. Chad suffered from civil wars during the ye (MORE)
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What are chads attractions?

The magnificent cliffs of the Tibesti Mountains would be the only one I have been too, apart from touring around in the dry Sahara where locals offer you camel's piss for a th (MORE)