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What is a hanging Chad?

a piece of paper that is supposed to be removed after having a whole be punched in it
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Who is chad sterns?

There are no celebrities under the name of Chad Sterns. However, it is a common name shared with many people.
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What is the landforms of chad?

© There Are Quite a lot of different Landforms in Chad, There's Aloba Arch, Bodélé Depression , Ennedi Plateau, Gauthiot Falls and Guelta d'Archei
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How big is Chad?

At 1,284,000 square kilometres (496,000 sq mi), Chad is the world's 21st-largest country. It is slightly smaller than Peru and slightly larger than South Africa.
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What is Lake Chad?

Lake Chad was a giant lake that had thousands and thousands of square miles of the surface area of the lake. but over the years there was a series of droughts and people were ( Full Answer )
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What is a landmark in Chad?

Well not so much a landmark as such but there is Lake Chad towards the south west of the country!
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What does chad export?

Chad exports stuff like nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing again. The major export is called nothing.
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How does the location of Chad affect Chad?

It affects Chad. This is because it is very far from the sea. Because of that it has got a bad name. Which is the Dead Heart of Africa.
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How small is Chad?

1,284,000 square kilometers so its not small its the 21st biggest country and is bigger then South Africa
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Why is Chad forbidden?

because of the civil war, if any body from other country's went there they would get shot .