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What is Chads religion?

54% muslim, 20% Roman Catholic, 14% Protestant, 10% Anmist, and 3% Atheist. Hope this helps ☺☻♥♦♣♠♦♣♠•◘○ Islam, Animism, Christianity, and Baha'i are t (MORE)
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Why is Chad an LEDC?

Chad is an LEDC because it is located far away from the ocean so it doesn't have access to ships to trade their natural resources. Chad suffered from civil wars during the ye (MORE)

Who is Chad engaged to?

He's single, but looking.  He was however briefly engagement to Bruna Oliveria in 2008  after dating for 5 years, but she wasn't the one, so they broke up  in Fall 2008. La (MORE)

Who is the President of Chad?

Lieutenant-General Idriss Déby is the President of Chad. He came to power in a coup on 1990 December 2 deposing then president Hissène Habré. Elected as president in 1996 M (MORE)

Who is Chad Reed?

Chad Reed is an Australian motocross racer. He is has won two 250cc championships and has won two 450cc championships. His number is 22. He is married and has one kid. He is t (MORE)
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How big is Chad?

At 1,284,000 square kilometres (496,000 sq mi), Chad is the world's 21st-largest country. It is slightly smaller than Peru and slightly larger than South Africa.
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What is the climate of Chad?

The northern part of Chad is mostly hot and arid, but there is a wet season. The southern part is cool and moist with one very rainy season. Use the link below for more inform (MORE)

What is the weather like in chad?

The weather in Chad depends on the climatic zone. The northern zone  is a hot and arid desert. The center zone is subtropical and has a  very rainy season from May to Novemb (MORE)