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Charles Lindbergh dance?

  Typical of fads of the twenties the (Lindy Hop) was a popular Dance that was named in (honor) of the airman who had nothing to do with it. It was one of those fads, at a (MORE)

How did Charles Lindbergh get back from Paris?

BY ship! the aircraft was crated and hoisted aboard the Naval Cruiser- U.S.S. Memphis, a regular Navy vessel. Lindbergh and his craft returned to the US by Ship. methinks ther (MORE)

Did Charles Lindbergh children out of wedlock?

This has been argued- Get your mind out of the Gutter! Lindy was in enough scandals ( Bund membership, distorted politics, Kidnap murder scandal) why turn him into some sort o (MORE)

Did Charles Lindbergh run for president?

Without any formal party endorsement, Lindbergh sure went through all the motions- without actually declaring candidacy. He was believed to have been connecterd ex-officio wit (MORE)

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What is Charles Lindbergh famous for?

He was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop. He flew from New York to Paris non-stop. It took him 33 hours 21 minutes. But since he started the trip (MORE)

What feat did Charles Lindbergh accomplish?

His most memorable accomplishment was winning the Orteig prize in May 1927 for first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic ocean from New York to Paris in his "Spirit of Sa (MORE)